My Call

The Call!!! Kinda blurry

The Call!!! Kinda blurry

My call arrived on Tuesday, 4th March 2014 but I couldn’t open it until the next day as I had to wait until my parents drove 3 hours up to Hamilton! My grandparents hid it from me, and I woke up late so I didn’t see the mail but as soon as I got up I was suspicious – Grandad asked me “…Any mail today??” and that’s when I KNEW it had arrived! They wouldn’t even let me see it or touch it until later that afternoon because no one trusted me not to open it haha.

I literally slept 5 hours that night. The next day my cousins and family friends arrived and at 7:30AM (!! haha) I opened my call. I was so nervous I felt like puking but I didn’t so esta bien. I opened it and quickly shoved the envelope over so I couldn’t see where I was going. I read the first part then blurted out CANADA VANCOUVER!!! before saying “Wait??!! What??!! CANADA!!???” We were all very excited. Then I read down to which MTC, when and what language. Provo MTC, July 8th, English speaking.

I am very excited to serve the Lord and the people in the Canada Vancouver Mission.

My mission President is President Burt, from Utah. He is also arriving in July. Can’t wait 🙂


10 thoughts on “My Call

  1. ME TOO!!! i opened mine yesterday, and I could’t be more happy! I was goggling things about our mission area and stumbled across your blog. Congratulations and see you in the MTC!

  2. My Son is also served in Vancouver Mission Canada, He is Elder Yue, a Hong Kong guy, he will be resumed to home by June 1, 2016.

  3. I like your written info in your blogs. you show me about some info that I never think before. It is a very decent written materials, I will show to my 2 daughters.Thanks

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