I’ve arrived!

I HAVE ARRIVED IN THE US! It feels so weird to be back here, everything is familiar yet strange again, like the money and driving and food brands etc. Also, sorry for there being no pictures right now, my camera battery is either broken or needs a different charger thing here than just my cable.

So I flew on the hobbit plane from Auckland to LAX. It was a pretty good flight but after a few hours I just wanted to hurry up and arrive. When I finally did arrive I had a really bad stomach ache (as usual with long flights hahaha) but I had to stand for like 45 minutes in the immigration line before I could find a bathroom or seat. And then the funniest thing was, on my ticket it said my next flight was from terminal 8, so I hop on the shuttle and we go from terminal 2, and pass 3, 4, 5, 6, 7..and back to 1!! I was so confused, but then I figured out that ‘terminal 8’ is actually just part of terminal 7….the driver must’ve thought I was going to ride it around and around for fun haha.

I had a six hour layover so I went and had some frozen yogurt then slept for a bit at my gate. It was then close to dinner time so I went and got a chicken salad then sat back down. This guy started talking to me. He had just some documentaries in China so that was interesting to talk about. We talked about my mission, of course. It’s hard to feel like a missionary without a companion and badge yet.

Finally flew to Salt Lake and arrived half an hour earlier than expected (Bonus!) but then of course Sydney and Jill didn’t know I just waited but that was ok because it was still like 30 degrees and that made me happy.

Yesterday we went to church and then that night we had a little dinner party with the Greens and Burkes, and Brother and Sister Curtis came, and Susan, Lindsay, Joe, Emma and Chrissy (Crane), and Carson and Sierra…it was so good to see everyone again!!! We ate pasta and cake but my stomach was still no bueno so I just sat around haha.

Today we are going shopping! Last minute, I know…but I am excited only I have buy camera stuff now so less money…oh well!

EMAIL ME!!! WRITE ME LETTERS!!! go on dearelder.com and write to me!
Sister Holly Annette McKee
2009 N 900 E Unit 190
Provo UT 84602



One thought on “I’ve arrived!

  1. It must have been awful waiting in line and feeling sick. I would have fainted. How great to see all your friends. I have finally caught the bug and feel terrible. Came on suddenly yesterday and has get progressively worse. It’s 1.46am and I still haven’t gone to bed. Nose streaming and I keep sneezing. But I managed to do a demo yesterday morning – there is no way I could do one today – so that was a blessing. We had the Elders over for a meal last night and they had splits with the Te Aroha Elders. Elder Sims was from Wyoming and had played sports in Lander lots of times. Asher and Grand dad are working well in the office. Zoe and Sophie have been here each day. Next week Vicky is taking them to the beach. It is blowing hard and cold so that may not be so much fun. Good luck with the MTC today. Love you. Nana.

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