I AM IN THE MTC AND IT IS AWESOME! So internationals come early the first day…we went to ihop for breakfast and then I was so nervous driving there and I felt so sick but once I was in the building I felt calm and excited!! Got my badge, went to a temporary room, then off to class before lunch! International missionaries from england, new caledonia, australia, brazil…heaps of places. Sister Bramford from Adelaide knows Elyse Puckeridge!!!! She is way cool and says funky all the time haha. We had more classes in the afternoon then met our zones (not districts) before going to dinner and a devotional with ELDER NEIL L. ANDERSON wut wut. He talked all about the Spirit and being quiet and allowing the Spirit to have impact. Then we discussed in our zones and went to bed. Yesterday also I was taken up to missionary clothing and they checked I had everything and gave me things I’d forgotten like an alarm clock and sweatshirt hahaha…also american excess stuff like hand sanitizer and room spray??? So important I guess…But they also gave me an mtc tshirt, leather gloves and are ordering me leather boots…I feel kinda bad because I have money for this stuff myself and there’s a sister from new cal who probably needs stuff more than me but they didn’t take her up there which is stupid…but oh well. Anyway we’re supposed to only have a short email now but I get my companion and district this afternoon…I’ve already seen the list and Sister Ovard who I met on fb is my companion and Elder Kelly who is Lindsays EFY friend is in my district! And the food here isn’t as bad as people say…there’s heaps of options and and sheets aren’t that bad I think some people have way high expectations haha…Anyway my cold is gone and this morning they taught us how to properly wash our hands…yes, I am serious!


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