First P-Day at MTC

FIRST PDAY!! This week has been so long!! and so much has happened!
On Thursday we had so much class and all that. Friday Sister Bramford andI got to go up to Temple Square and also see the Humanitarian centre for a couple of hours. Saturday was more class. Sunday was heaps of meetings because SISTER OVARD AND I ARE THE ZONES SISTER TRAINING LEADERS! So exciting because we get to do the orientation with the new missionaries. Monday was busy again and Tuesday we had a devotional with a former general authority. So sister ocvard and I got lost on our way to sacrament meeting and were late hahaha.
It is so hot here I sweat like a piggy everyday, and also I’ve been having really weird dreams. Way fun. The food isn’t that bad, there are a big range of options but breakfast just sucks. Then again I already hated breakfast.

My district is the best. Everyone studies so hard and then laugh so hard in breaks. There’s Sister Ovard and I, And Elders Rice, Smith, Inman, Kelly, and Haskins. Sadly we’ve already had another Elder go home but that’s ok. Half of us are going to Can-Van (haha) and the others are going to D.C south. They are so funny and some days it feels like I go through EVERY SINGLE EMOTION POSSIBLE. Our teachers are very nice and understanding. The district that welcomed us left today/yesterday which was sad, the sisters were so nice and the elders honest goobers but made life a little more interesting…ok one of them, to try help us not be so stressed and serious CTR proposed me….haha so basically got down on one knee and asked me to choose the right with a ctr ring…yeah he got a little lecture but it was funny at the time and it was just a joke.
We learn so much. And I am learning I don’t have to be the best, I just have to do the best!


2 thoughts on “First P-Day at MTC

  1. Wow Holly what a whirl. I had a dream about you too. It was that you were all tested at the MTC to see what your strengths were and you came ist in office administration. Then they wanted to reassign you to the Philippines but the mission Pres for Vancouver objected. Said there was a huge need for you in their mission office as it was in a mess! So off to Vancouver you went. You only worked in the field for a few weeks and they put you into the mission office to sort it all out and you did a fantastic job and everyone was raving about you. I can’t remember the rest but they all sang your praises in the Mission. Haha.
    Hey, congratulations on being chosen to be a training leader. I love your quote at the end. It is Alzheimers collection here. Sandra and I did the 4-8 shift outside Bridge Street Countdown last night. It was very cold but they let us sit just inside the foyer which helped. Our bucket seemed quite heavy so it seemed to go well. There was only one chair so I got to stand as Sandra’s back and feet hurt if she stands. She was late so I got to sit for the first half hour and for half an hour while she went and got her tea. I really enjoyed it. I love meeting people and a big smile goes a long way. We are doing the same time again tonight but they will leave another chair this time. I meant to take one from here but forgot. Tas has been asking for your email address. I wonder if you have heard from him. I wonder if your get these as well.
    Have fun for your last week. do you get to go to the temple. Love you heaps. NanaXXXXX

  2. Hi there Holly,
    All sounds very exciting but I don’t understand half of it. No matter, so long as you are happy and well . Look forward to the next episode! I have a French home exchange staying with me at the moment. To give her a break from me and “the boys” we went up to Whangarei in the weekend and caught up with friends and Dobbs family. Freezing cold here at present after having wild winds (which blew down the fence up the drive) and torrential rain. That’s winter.
    Love, Grandma XX

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