another week (almost) gone….I fly out tomorrow morning for Canada!!! CRAZY! I have my journal with me so hopefully this post will be a little more informative
Thursday we had this thing called in field orientation! so basically all day we were in these classes/work shops that were about working with members and talking with everyone etc. But they had this play about being part of ward council etc and Sister Jenson and I were in it in front of like 200 missionaries hahaha! I was the primary president and had to give bishop a gold star for being reverent. The 2 new districts have arrived so Sister Ovard and I have been helping them adjust but we love them and it’s going to be hard to leave 😦
friday we had service and gym all morning. sister Bramford and I swept and mopped the bathroom floors. I was feeling kinda down that day for reasons but then after dinner my district leader elder Inman holds out this huge stack of envelopes for me..turns out the whole zone wrote me little letters!! I almost cried haha, they are so nice. we also taught our very stubborn TRC investigator (possibly a nonmember) and one of our Elders was able to get to her and she prayed!!!!
Saturday we had out last class with one of our teachers Sister Holt which was kinda sad but the elders busted out this nearer my god to thee/if you could hie to kolob rap which is basically hilarious. Sis Ovard and I played Volleyball with the new districts.
sunday was better and I ate apple pie and peanut buttercup ice cream for lunch. enough said. The devotional that night was with T.C Christensen who does movies like ephraims rescue and 17 miracles. The talk was inspiring etc but beforehand there was a musical item by some sisters/elders going to hong kong…it was jesus savior pilot me, but sounded nothing like the hymn. It was the most beautiful thing EVER. If someone can find a copy of a choral version that sounds amazing in a minor key maybe send it to me because i want to listen to it. but the guy told this story of how for one of the movies he got some trained wolves in and they were in a trailer but everytime they come to check of them all these deer would be circled around the trailer transfixed with it…and they wouldnt move until the people were practically touching them. and thats relatable to us and sin, sometimes we can become so obsessed with something that could endanger us that we don’t realise whats actually going on until it’s almost too late.
Monday was cruisy. we are preparing to leave, and packing and doing laundry. Had some good class. all about committing and following up effectively. and I got dear elders from my parents and two packages! practically our whole district got sinnamon rolls so we had a little after class zone party outside before bed.

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