I am officially a sister missionary serving in the Canada Vancouver mission! It is so green and pretty here. And hasn’t rained much YET. I am in Surrey 3rd ward. Surrey is pretty much ghetto, and I KNEW I was going to be placed here hahaha. My trainer is Sister Galbraith and she will go home halfway through this transfer…we are not sure how everything will work out BUT we know it will and I will end up with a second trainer! She is from Idaho and has really curly hair, which is everyones favourite comment that we have similar hair hahaha. Love it
So I flew with two other missionaries in on Wednesday. Immigration in Vancouver took FOREVER as we had to wait in line to get visas etc, and there were 19 of us all up. Managed to give away a mormon.org card on the flight to portland oregon….Success! But we were met by 2 of the AP’s who were nice while we waited for the rest of the group to come through. I was starving coz we had to get up at 3:30am to bus to SLC airport and I hadn’t eaten breakfast. Then we were met by Pres. & Sister Burt who are literally the BEST MISSION PRESIDENT COUPLE EVER. Honestly I don’t think I could’ve handled the previous one haha. Their mission motto is Love, Serve and Obey. They are also striving for more unity as a mission (i’ll explain later on) and that each companionship baptize once a month. They are the nicest most loving people and I know they are called of God! But we had some training and dinner then stayed in a hotel for the night (and had breakfast. Love hotel breakfasts). The next day we had transfer meeting and I met Sister Galbraith!!!! Also I met Sister Waata (maori/australian) and Sister parkinson who I have been emailing since I got my call! Oh and Sister Peterson, I followed her mission blog and I told her and she got so excited hahaha it was so funny.
Sister Galbraith and I are ‘white washing’ surrey 3rd and basically starting from the bottom because the previous sisters, one of them got really really sick and just went home so they weren’t able to do practically ANY work. So yes, first sunday and no investigators at church and all the lessons we’ve set up so far have fallen through..oh well, we’re doing what we can.
Thursday was 5 hours of weekly planning. we also grabbed some food because our apartment had none. Ok so we also called the elders to find out which part of the ward they covered….they were like uhm you should call your sister training leaders for this…!!??? This mission previously had really really strict rules about contact between elders and sisters but it got to the point where everyone was just ignoring each other which is ridiculous so Pres. Burt is trying to encourage everyone to be a little more pleasant to each other. I think many of the missionaries are finding it hard to change to the new feeling in the mission with the Burts but oh well.
Surrey is like South Auckland! Heaps of Indians though and filopinos. We have done hours and hours of finding, which I am working on./..once im talking to someone its ok, just the initial approach is awkward haha. Sister Galbraith is a runner so we run.
Saturday we had a Stake picnic with an investigator. We ate hot dogs and tried to figure out the ward members. Knocked doors for three hours. This Sikh family invited us in and gave us food but didn’t want to talk religion. Sikh are like that. If I wasn’t mormon I’d be Sikh, they are the most kind people here. They gave us this carrot/condesnsed milk mash! Look it up coz it was good.
Yesterday was Sunday but it didn’t feel like it really! We went to church and tried to be really really friendly to the ward etc and set up some member visits for the week. Then after church we went finding. We usually find at this huge bus stop but often there are drunks and weirdos there but oh well. Visited some members in the afternoon and they gave us the yummiest fruit! Cherries and lime/ginger drink!
Also there are blackberry bushes all on the sides of the road here so when we went knocking in this semi rural rich area we ate some and they were sooooo sweet.
If you have the chance, search for and read these two talks-Believing Chirst by Stephen E. Robinson and His Grade is Sufficient by Brad Wilcox! They’ll change your life.


One thought on “WHAT UP Y’ALL

  1. Dear Sister McKee,
    A long time has passed since your holiday here on the Gold Coast with your Grandparents and Sam. I can’t believe how the time has flown. I have read your letter that has been posted on Facebook and I really felt your spirit while reading. Those people you teach will be so blessed. I’m looking forward to each update. Your letter uplifted me and put me on a high. Thank You!!! Lots of Love, Ruth and familyxxx

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