First week as a missionary!

Being a missionary is EXHAUSTING! But great! By 6pm I am falling asleep on the couches of those we are visiting and forgetting what I’m saying halfway through a sentence but that’s ok haha!!.
We still have no SOLID investigators but we have managed to give a few lessons. We are focusing on getting to know the members a bit because happy members = many referrals, eventually we hope.
On Tuesday we had lunch with Sister K.(for confidentiality reasons we are discouraged from presenting people’s names on the internet without their permission). who is a recent convert(RC). She was part of this huge program they have here run by members- I can’t remember if I already talked about this but its a drug rehab program run similar to a mission with rules and structure but there’s also a supermarket where the students work and the money goes into the program- I think its called the ‘Welcome Home Programme’ or ‘John Vulcan Foundation’ it. Anyway she gave us cookies (so nice!) and then we did some finding at the bus exchange. We make A LOT of phone calls all the time. We knocked on doors some more and even knocked on doors in a trailer park (haha)
Wednesday we had a district meeting.. This mission has a sister district leader pilot program- where there are only is sisters in the district. This can be a bit confusing sometimes because the elders in our ward are in another district. It’s different, but we manage it. In our district meeting we set some goals. We also visited a member family that afternoon where the father had served in the Auckland NZ mission! they had heaps of cute kids. It’s hard because we are discouraged from holding babies etc…
Thursday was weekly planning and we baked a cake it was gooood (I forgot to take a photo of it haha.). We visited a very nice sister with a new baby. We taught a first lesson with A… unfortunately, they are not really truth seeking and just wanted to ask a bunch of religious questions like the Pharisees trying to trick Christ. Hahaha.
On Friday we helped someone do some packing because they were moving and then had lunch and did some street contacting. We had another lesson with A… but we reflected (gave him some time to think about whether he is really wanting to learn about the church or not) him now, because he was just not meeting with us for the right reasons. That night we visited a first nations (native North American Indian) LA (less active) and her daughter, mother and niece. The niece hadn’t been brought up with the gospel but literally soaked up everything we said! Hopefully we can meet with them again.
Saturday at night we were madly knocking doors trying to get people to come to a baptism so we could go…no luck. Having no progressing investigators is the worst! But we had a lesson earlier that day with a guy called D… from Colombia. We taught Plan of Salvation because he kept asking “what happens to those people who die for no reason? they go heaven or hell? what happens??”He sounds like he is so gangsta haha. We spent some time with Teri, a RC. She has such a hard life but honestly just makes our day! We went to Dairy Queen and had blizzards (like soft serve with candy in it) but later that day I was so sick… no bueno haha.
Sunday no investigators at church 😦 and Monday half p-day because we couldn’t email as it’s a B.C long weekend! Surrey 3rd is such a good ward to be in! but Surrey has many crazies!!! so many people smoking pot! but also so many kind people who offer us juice when we’re tracting!
This week I read Jacob Chapter 4! Read it! And everyone email me your address because I want to write letters sometime!


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