Week 3!

Hi all!
I can’t believe how fast my mission is going already! I’ve been out over a month, it’s crazy!
This week has been so good….we can always improve of course but we’ve had some good things happen.
Wednesday I went to my first ever Zone Meeting, which is basically a 2 hour meeting with the missionaries in our area. Zone Meetings are officially the best thing (after transfer meeting). The sister training leaders gave a training (or lessons) on faith. A couple of things that stood out to me where, that in  order for miracles to happen on our missions or lives, we have to have the faith that they will happen! We basically need to expect miracles and work hard for them. On our mission, God doesn’t require ‘success’, He requires SACRIFICE. So that was a really inspiring and motivating meeting. On the way back we had Wendy’s for lunch ($5!! go coupons) and then we did door knocking. Mostly people are nice but abrupt, but that’s ok, we don’t want to waste their time if they aren’t interested.
Sister Galbraith makes this soup all the time. We just call it ‘Chinese soup’.  If you want to make it, it’s a pot of water with chicken stock, a spoonful of chilli bean paste/oil stuff, rice noodles, bok choy (not a fan haha) and a splosh of white vinegar. It’s very good- she’s addicted to it haha!
Thursday was 5 hours of weekly planning. We plan out the whole week and try to fill it up with appointments, service, finding people to teach, and member visits. We also visited with one of Sister Galbraiths recent converts who is struggling a bit.
Friday I was so inspired by Mosiah 4! Read it!
We visited an elderly lady in our ward at church, who was a victim of a hit and run a few years ago and has a lot of health problems which is sad. But she has two cats who were so funny. One of them was huge but they were both trying to sit in this little box and I wish I got a photo it was so funny. The lady gave us a cheesecake cookbook haha – it’s delicious to look through. We met a guy called G… who was way open to having us over as he’d talked with missionaries before but they hadn’t followed up! Also, RC (recent convert) Teri is awesome!  Sister Galbraith and I love her, she has the funniest stories. We are reading from the picture book of the (BOM) Book of Mormon with her and she just soaks it up- but we are easily distracted haha.
On Saturday we watered Bishops garden and called  everyone in our ‘area book’ to invite them to church. The ‘area book’ is a HUGE folder and in it is everyone who has been taught by the missionaries, talked to on the street and slightly interested in learning more.
We got in a panic because one of our investigators, D.. called us and needed to meet earlier but we couldn’t get another church member to come with us in that short time! He is male, and the rules are that we can’t teach a male without another female member of the church present with us. So we ended up calling the zone leaders who cover a huge area including ours and they taught him! But the funny thing is they also set his baptism date without knowing we already had set the date…but the same day! INSPIRED hahaha. We visited a less active member with health problems, Sister L… whose husband isn’t Mormon. But she was so nice and ended up inviting us for dinner that night. It was way good! We had some good street contacting too and I talked with this guy who is a professional SET PAINTER. Just last week he was chatting to Ben Stiller haha. He was interested in what we do as well, so hopefully we can set up a lesson with him this week.
Sunday, yet again no interested investigators at church! Both our investigators were supposed to come but didn’t 😦 ah well. We did a ton of finding and and visited some members that night. Sister T…who is in relief society,  the women’s organization in the church, gave us a ton of blueberries. We shared the scripture, Ether 12:6  about faith making an anchor to our souls. It’s a solid scripture. In this one neighborhood there was a HEAP of peacocks just wandering around!! #india it’s great here!
I read a talk this morning about the sort of person Christ was…it was eye opening. We are taught a lot about his love and sacrifice and all the ‘good’ things, but when you read the scriptures he is also so BLUNT and STRAIGHT UP with his teaching. He loves but  he doesn’t make excuses for anything. It’s black and white! But it’s good! So live it 🙂
Email me!! hope everyone has a good week 🙂

One thought on “Week 3!

  1. Sister Mckee….I remember the day i met you and sister Galbraith at Newton Exchange! First thing i said to both was “Can i touch your hair?” I don’t think i even said Hi, or who i even was! haha!!
    Love ya both!

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