Surrey is so great!! Love being here!!
This week was my last week with my trainer, Sister Galbraith! It’s sad but exciting that she is going home…my bet is 6 months until she’s married haha, we all tease her about it.
This week was my first time going on an ‘exchange’ in the mission! So for 24 hours we swap companions and sometimes areas, so we can work with other sister missionaries and other investigators. I went to Delta with Sister Dockstader. Neither of us could drive so we were on foot and it was literally the only 2 days of rain we’ve had so far haha! But we talked with lots of people and had fun visiting some church members! Sister Dockstader reminds me of Hannah Reid (Shout out! Email me if you read this hahaha). She loves Doctor Who etc and is from California. The lesson appointment the other sisters had planned fell through, but walking takes up so much time so it was ok in the end.
Wednesday I went back to Surrey and we had District Meeting. And now we are in a tri – three sisters in one companionship! Sister Nelson is from Utah and her companion went home last week so she is taking over my training when sister Galbraith leaves! She is great. But the funniest thing happened when we went door knocking that day….but probably not blog appropriate haha!!! We also visited this awesome girl Sister Galbraith worked with, and they fed us Filipino food for dinner…Love this chicken asada thing!!! But, there was soooo much food! And this cantaloupe drink with shaved melon bits in it is delicious!
Thursday was a day full of miracles! This mission has such a focus of finding miracles in each day, but it wasn’t even hard that day! We went to one area to knock on doors and basically every person we talked to was open kind and interested!!! We even taught the Plan of Salvation on a doorstep to one guy. We taught D…. the Restoration at Dairy Queen that night hahaha.
Friday was also great!!! We started teaching a girl called C… and she was super energetic, happy and spiritual! Since I’m a new missionary I have to do an extra hour of study each day but this week we had a lot of videos so we ate popcorn and watched the training videos instead. Then we visited the Ortolano family who are so awesome…we shared Acts 16 with them and talked about Shark Week – haha. We met a recent convert K…’s kids that night and they are so cool! We are going to start teaching them about the church too. They remind me of my cousins, Zoe and Sophie haha.
Saturday was not so good. But we taught 2 lessons! One to a First Nations guy called B… who is very spiritual but, man can he talk! and another to a guy called J…., who’s family are dedicated Sikh, but he is not so sure about it. His grandma wasn’t at ALL happy about us and so we had to teach outside of the front steps…it was such a weird situation. Anyway.
Sunday we had investigators at church for the first time!!!!! It was great! Loved seeing a turban in the chapel 😉 Sikh people are so kind!!!! (usually!!) and last night we visited the G…. family and they gave us SO MUCH FOOD and delicious ice cream!!!
We hit ‘standards’ this week!! That means we had a total of 12 new investigators/lessons with a local church member present!!!! So HAPPY!!!
Email meeeeeeeee!
Sunset over Delta

Sunset over Delta

On 'exchanges' with Sister Dockstater

On ‘exchanges’ with Sister Dockstater

Sister Jenson was over from the Okanagan and suprised me!!

Sister Jenson was over from the Okanagan and suprised me!!

Sister Benson trying her first Tim Tam Slam!

Sister Benson trying her first Tim Tam Slam!


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