Chilli Ribs!!!!


BEST WEEK EVER. Honestly it has been the most amazing week!!!
On Monday we  had P-Day!! Sister Galbraith packed all day  and we ate screamers and poutine, which is this Canadian dish of fries and gravy with cheese curds…fries and gravy good, cheese curds…not so much haha.  We made some final visits to people she knew well and then drove to Richmond mission office for her ‘exit interview’ with President Burt! While we were there I picked up some mail (thank you!!!!!).  President and Sister Burt’s sons were visiting for a couple of days from Utah and they are really cool. Both of them served in France! But now they have families and work at the Burt’s tire dealership.
Tuesday, I said goodbye to my trainer Sister Galbraith!! So sad yet exciting for her!!
We had a multi-zone conference in the morning with the Burt’s and it was all about serving and loving your companion…but seriously its so important!!! Makes everything better when you love your companion. All our lessons fell through so just when we thought it was going to be a bad week, we ate cookies and ice cream!!
Wednesday we had exchanges with our District leader again, this time I was with Sister Ellgen. She is from Colorado and has a degree in neuroscience from BYU! She is super positive and encouraging which was so nice.
Thursday we had weekly planning and then…..WE WENT TO VANCOUVER ISLAND! That’s right!!! We had the privilege to go over and be part of the B.C wide girls camp (young women’s camp for girls aged 12-17) in Sooke. We took a ferry ride over with a few companionship’s from the “lower mainland” aka Vancouver area. It is so beautiful here/there!!! Also I love our Sister Training Leaders Sister Willmore & Facer. We visited some of Sister Nelsons recent converts/friends as she started her mission in Sidney where we were staying…with SISTER OVARD!!!! There are many First Nations people on the island.
Friday was so much fun!! Sidney is the prettiest little town, google it!! We drove down to Sooke from Sidney to the Camp (Camp Bernard, look that up too) and the drive was amazing…and the camp was so well done! There were 460 girls there! They made us taco salad in a Doritos bag..the most genius idea ever. And I ate a Nanaimo bar for the first time! Pretty good. It’s a slice.The young women were divided up into groups, when they came to our workshop, we let them ask questions about missions/anything else. We discussed modesty and reading the Book of Mormon with…seriously just read it it’ll make your day better! That night Sister Ovard was on exchanges with….SISTER BRAMFORD!! We had a mini MTC reunion  minus Sister Jenson.  So much FUN. Sister Nelson and I also rode bikes!!! Respect to the sisters who have to ride in skirts….It’s impossible!
Saturday we took the ferry back to the mainland and saw a seal on the way in the water! I was hoping it was an otter but oh well.. And then a day of miracles! We taught 4 lessons in 7 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sunday we had  more lessons…and enough to make Standards of Excellence again!!! We had Ward Council in the morning, when we met with the Bishop and other leaders from church – hence the title :Chilli Ribs??” Every year there’s a corn roast here with cobs or chilli…but this year there’s going to be both! Separately haha. Although we had no investigators at church we had an awesome day!! We visited a friend called R– for the first time and he is so awesome!! I’ll keep you updated…
Anyway enough!!! Bye!!
Eating Poutine

Eating Poutine


Goodbye Sister Galbraith 26 Aug 2014

Goodbye Sister Galbraith!


Off to Young Womens Camp, Sidney from left: Sister Dahl, Facer, McKee, Willmore, Fulhauer(not sure on the spelling), Mathalagan, Lau, Nelson, Neubert

Off to Young Womens Camp, Sidney
from left: Sister Dahl, Facer, McKee, Willmore, Fulhauer(not sure on the spelling), Mathalagan, Lau, Nelson, Neubert


With Sister Nelson on the ferry

With Sister Nelson on the ferry

On the way to Sidney, Vancouver

On the way to Sidney, Vancouver Island

Sidney, Vancouver Island

Sidney, Vancouver Island

Sidney, Vancouver Island

Sidney, Vancouver Island


MTC Reunion - 26 Aug 2014

MTC Reunion!

Sidney with Sis Nelson - 26 Aug 2015

In Sidney with Sister Nelson



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