Transfer Week!

This week has been good but also very hard for me…we have been working so hard!
Guess what?  I AM ALMOST THROUGH MY FIRST TRANSFER – which means I may be transferred to another area – Crazy right!
This week we spent a lot of time up in Sister Nelson`s ward area. They had a corn roast at church and we met some of the members there.
We took R– to a baptism! He loved it. He can`t wait for his own baptism and is doing everything he can to work towards it, including giving up smoking.
I also spent some time in Delta on an exchange with another sister…we did lots of walking those days as neither of us can drive!
Saturday – It rained and basically ALL our lessons fell through…it was discouraging.  We spent 3 hours finding and meeting people at a bus exchange, but the people were really bitter that day..oh well.  But what made our day… we heard from Elder Maynes of the Quorum of the 70!!!  He spoke a lot about things like the Celestial Kingdom, God and creation…he also had some amazing insight on doctrine.  He spoke about the importance of strengthening each other as companions, and how that positively affects districts, zones and whole mission areas.
This week’s miracle…A member of the church called us to tell us about a lady she had met in her apartment complex.  She thought we should meet with her…and then before we could make an appointment with her,  we go walking one day and we run into this lady randomly!!! She is Croatian and very kind, we`re going to visit her this week.
Anyway we’ve been so busy!!!  It`s so good though, but I am thankful for Preparation day 🙂 (Our day off!)
We get a call tonight to find out if one or both of us will be transferred!…I`ll probably stay in Surrey but – who knows!!
bye 🙂

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