Still in Surrey!

With Sister Pavone!

With Sister Pavone!

We had transfers this week…and I am in Surrey for another 6 weeks!  I have a new companion..her name is Sister Pavone and she is from Long Beach, California. She is awesome,  I am so happy to have her as my 3RD trainer! haha.

When we found out Sister Nelson was being transferred we spent some time visiting the investigators and less actives that she had become friends with.  We taught R— for the last time before we passed him on to the Elders.   He is doing so well!!
It has been another crazy week full of hard work and miracles!! We met with A— from Croatia, she is soooo sweet. She has a cat called Zoya and is excited to read the Book of Mormon…we had to get her a large print one though, and they are HUGE.
We also visited a family in our ward, the C—. They are so awesome! Their daughter was in the MTC at the same time as me but I never saw her, there were thousands of missionaries there!  haha.
Thursday we had a transfer meeting in Richmond about 20 km away,  but we had the long way via some Chinese Sisters in Burnaby near central Vancouver!  We had to get up at 5am and leave by 6am so we stopped off at Starbucks and bought a caramel apple spice drink which was delicious.  Just sayin’!
Transfer meeting was all about important stuff that I can’t remember right now…there was so much organising of stuff after the meeting because we had new Sisters coming into our zone.  There were 6 suitcases to try get to Surrey!
On Friday we went to visit A— again.  She is awesome and so is Sister F—. amazing family!!  Sorry,I can’t write about it though ..haha
Also, we FINALLY got to see R— again, she is Hindu. We took material written in Hindi for her so she read it and finally understood our message.  She said “I need to be baptized! I get it now!”  We were so happy!
On Saturday we had a zone conference with a member of the seventy…aka high up in the church. It stressed me out a lot  but it was definitely motivating…it was all about working with church members more and getting them to feel inspired to share the gospel with their friends.  It was also announced NO MORE CONSECRATED FINDING TIME BETWEEN 5-7pm!!  We are 24/7 MISSIONARIES. EVERY second is consecrated!  And also………the best of all……….the dinner rule of having a meal appointment at a church members house only if an investigator is present,  is being lifted slowly!!!!  We can eat at members houses!!!!! Our mission is progressing so much because of all the changes and everyone is working hard to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.
Yesterday we taught our Bishop’s in- laws English! They are Fijian Indian…teaching English is hard..we got as far as…what is your name? my name is_____ , where are you from? I am from______, I, you, he, she, we, they, and Jesus loves you!
In study this week I read D&C 11…for anyone thinking of serving a mission….READ IT.

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