Week 10

Another crazy week!!!!
It started off with an exchange…and guess who drove….I DID!!! Maybe, we almost died once and I got tooted at and maybe, I always made the window wipers go off first – instead of the indicators, BUT we are still alive and I have officially driven on the other side of the road legally!! Haha!!  The exchange was great, I was with Sister Larsen who is from Surrey 3rd area.
Tuesday morning we taught English and more about baptism to the N—‘s. They have been Hindu their whole lives so change will be hard for them, but they said they’d start praying differently so that’s great! Then we went and saw D— with a family friend who is a member of the church. That went pretty well and we are seeing him again tonight. We did a lot of door knocking and met some way awesome people too – exchanges always bring miracles!! That night we swapped back and the next day…CRAZIEST thing!!! We were just doing morning study and we got a phone call from a member…some kid had just showed up at church and was now sitting in seminary learning. So after studies we went along and met with him. Basically, he is amazing.  A— has Hindu background but told us he was searching for truth and understanding…so of course we delivered it to him with the spirit! The first time he prayed for something, he was so excited to tell us he got an answer!! He went to seminary for 3 days and came to church!
Thursday we had planning meeting,  we spoke in our Croatian investigators accent for over an hour…yes, we are crazy!! haha!!  A few of our lessons fell through that day, and we mixed up our dinner appointment time…the worst thing ever!!!
The dad in the family has a tv show that’s coming out on Nick Jr…something about monster trucks, look it up! We also got this random call from a person called T—- who lives in the depths of the ghetto… the area where half the houses are demolished because they were drug houses, and it was night so we took another church member with us who was freaking out haha!  But we were safe, she set a baptismal date …she is not in our ward though, so oh well!
Friday was cool!!  We taught A— again, mostly about Faith, (Alma 32). The lesson went so well and the Spirit helped us to teach so much.
Saturday we did service!!! There’s a B.C. wide food drive that The Church basically runs and so we made up boxes and packed food for 3 hours. Then we taught the children of a recent convert…and her son is going to be baptised,  October 11th!!!!  FIRST SOLID BAPTISMAL DATE!!!!  AHHHHH!!  His sister wants to learn and pray more because she isn’t sure yet but we know that she will get an answer!  The funniest thing happened though…we get a call from a random man who met us on the street and he wants to know about church etc.  His friend was also asking questions, but when we said something about modern prophets his friend just went nuts in the background …it was so funny because he’s all like “Thomas Monson???? Modern prophet?? WHAT HAS HE PROPHESIED??  ASK THEM WHAT HE HAS PROPHESIED??” and then the guy on the phone  just turns to him and yells “IT DOESNT EVEN MATTER…sorry about him”. Sister Pavone and I just lost it haha.
Sunday was church and we taught an Indian guy who was really sincere…also quesadillas cooked in a  pan with butter are amazing.
I LOVE MY MISSION.  Working hard is the best feeling!
Love from Sister McKee
23 Sept 2014

One year for Sister Pavone

cat rescue - 23 Sept 2014

Saved a cat this week!

Morning Study in our Flat! Yes! We do!

Morning Study in our Flat! Yes! We do!


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