I can’t believe it has only been 7 DAYS since I last emailed.

We survived another week!!!
To finish off last P-Day, I made this one-pot-pasta from a  recipe I got at the store.   It’s so good and easy I’ll quickly share it.. (Elder Kelly this is for you hahaha)…get spaghetti, chicken stock, some crushed garlic and finely chopped onion and put it all in a pot of boiling water (but not a ton of water) with cherry tomatoes sliced in half.. mix it until it’s done and serve with some fresh basil. IT IS SO GOOD AND EASY. Anyway, after P-day had finished we tried to go to a lesson but the guy wasn’t answering his phone..and he’s one we have been thinking about dropping because he’s not progressing.  We drove to his house but we didn’t know what to do, whether or not to drop in or call again or just leave it alone.  So, of course, we prayed and felt we needed to call again.   So we did, when he answered the phone he said that it was still good for us to come!!!  He expressed to us during the lesson that he was scared to pray about the Book of Mormon because he was scared he was going to get an answer, that would mean a lot of change in his life…. we are seeing him again on Tuesday and he said he had prayed – so it’s a little scary, but we’ll see.
Tuesday – we had 4 lessons!!!!! It was so good. We gave A— her picture Book of Mormon, and she has read it a little bit!! We also invited her to come along to the Women’s broadcast, which she did and loved it!  PROGRESSION!!!!!!!  We also taught a girl called A—– who we have felt is not accountable for baptism but there was drama…to be continued…
Wednesday – a few lessons fell through but at the district meeting I gave a training presentation on Relying on the Spirit..aka missionary work, haha. We did a ton of walking and visited a less active church member.  We are going tomorrow to wash her dog and vacuum her house!
Thursday – was weekly planning and it went really well. We had a dinner at a member’s home and taught two of their nonmember sisters!! They are so kind. I ate Filipino macaroni dumpling soup stuff!! The sisters are catholic background so we shared some Book of Mormon scriptures that talk about the bible and they said they’d read and learn!!! Sooo good! Then we went and taught N— and H—– who have talked about getting baptised. But their dad has said ‘not yet’ to their baptism. We are so sad but praying hard that his heart is softened because N— wants to get baptized so bad!!!!!!!!!!!! We went to his primary class on Sunday and the teacher asked if he had an experience of his prayers being answered but he said no…we know he will have an experience soon when his dad lets him get baptized!!!!
Friday – I went on an exchange with one of our Sister Training Leaders, Sister Willmore. She is from Pleasant Grove, Utah and is hilarious. We get along so well. We didn’t have any lessons but we visited some church members and a less active member…her less active daughter and nonmember boyfriend were there and they are keen to get back into the gospel!!! They are Young Single Adult age though so not under us, but Sister Willmore is a YSA sister so she will get to work with them!!! So awesome.
Saturday – Probably one of the hardest days of my mission so far. We missed the Women’s Conference because our investigator felt uncomfortable to go. That is all.
SUNDAY. sunday sunday sunday. Sister Pavone and I can only marvel at the INSANITY of yesterday. It think I will just write my journal entry….This is pretty specific so sorry if you think this sounds bad, but this is an HONEST account of what happened, I’ve even tried to tone it down a bit….
“There are literally no words to describe everything that happened today. The craziness started when we went to Newton, I’d had some lame QGC’s and was talking to Sister Pavone about how I wanted something amazing to happen and then we saw R– (he WAS ‘golden investigator’ keyword: WAS) and he is crazy different.  Like a different person.  Poor missionary elders who we passed him off to! Then we had a lesson with 2 of the security guards by the bus station and we were taking a church member, Teri with us. But at first we couldn’t find Teri, and when we finally did she had just seen some drunk Indians expose themselves, so she pointed them out to the security guards.  The security guards were the ones we were going to teach, so they went off and ACCUSED THE WRONG DRUNK INDIAN.  He started bawling and saying he wanted to kill himself and swearing at us because he thought we were calling him a criminal!   Then, this other Indian kid comes along and, like, rips off his chunky knit sweater to go fight this guy…we got away eventually to go to dinner at a members home. People are honestly INSANE but so awesome haha!. I love our members!!! They had a snake, and their little son hid from the salsa on his quesadilla, yes, hid! Then we went off to a baptism in another ward and on the way I was thinking the only way this can get any crazier is if the font doesn’t fill and we have to fill it with buckets of water.  You’ll never guess what was going on when we got there!   They were filling up the font with buckets of water! Then the lady getting baptized and Elder Spencer forgot towels! At this point Sister Pavone and I had lost our minds, so we spent most of the baptismal service crying and trying to keep our laughter in as a girl there smacked herself in the head with 3 hymn books, and I almost called one of our investigators coconut in a text”
Welcome to the life as of Sister in Surrey 3rd Ward. Wouldn’t change it for the world. Love, Serve, Obey!!!!
Sister McKee
With district Training Leaders

With district Training Leaders

Sister Pavone with snake - 30 Sept 2014

Sister Pavone with snake!

sister! - 30 Sept 2014

The name ‘sister’ on a can!


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