Out of the Frying Pan…

I have just been called to be a trainer to a new missionary who will still be in the Missionary Training Centre as I write this!! AHHH but more about that later…
I left off last Tuesday….so on Wednesday we had Zone meeting! It was so much fun and really uplifting. Our Zone Leaders are hilarious (one of them literally can not stop moving) and our Sister Training Leaders are the best. They spoke a lot of strengthening your personal testimony and wokring with the members to help them do missionary work.  That night we made Perogies with the (womens) Relief Society! Canadian/Ukrainian food. They’re basically cheesy bacony mashed potato in a half circle shaped dough that is then boiled, then fried with onions and bacon…amazing! But super heavy. Kinda feels like you’ve eaten a couple of bricks haha! but they taste amazing.
On Thursday we taught english to the N—- family. Mrs N—- is getting really good at the alphabet!  We really take for granted being able to read. That night I went on exchange with Sister Nelson (it’s her first transfer) in Surrey 1st ward. We taught a lady from Poland (I think?) and she is so kind. Then we went and visited some church members…turns out it was an inspired visit because the husband was from NZ and the wife from Fiji and we have mutual friends!!!…We finish the lesson and see we have a missed call from PRESIDENT BURT. So we freak out- but call him back..we just have the nicest mission president ever!!! He told us that he loves reading our emails and wishes he could always reply to them…but then he told us he he has so much expectation for us and that we were about to have burdens placed on our backs…that’s when I knew I had to be training!!!!
Friday we had a busy exchange day, taught a ton of people and watched ‘The Restoration’ DVD with a recently converted lady. She loved it!! We also had BBQ pork steamed buns for lunch..so yummy!!! There are so many cultures in our area. When we got back to our area we taught A—.  We showed him Pres. Utchdorf’s talk from conference and he really liked it..he’s having trouble coming to church though:/ we’ll work on it! Then we had a yummy dinner at a less actives members house…and she came to church on Sunday!!! So good.
Saturday was our first official ‘walking only day’!! President has initiated this so we are seen out in the community more, so it means we have to plan better. We started off with our correlation meeting then went to walk to a lesson, only it was cancelled when we were halfway there, so instead we drove to a members house and did some service for her haha. Also, we had our first Canadian Thanksgiving Turkey dinner!! The members had amazing stories of their conversion etc.The missionaries literally were just flicking through the phonebook. (Mum’s note: not sure what she means in the last sentence!)
Sunday we had church of course! A new investigator S—- came to church!! We did a bunch of finding an had another turkey dinner…then visited an awesome semi-active family and they said they’d both come to church on Sunday!!
Yesterday was half P-day because it was Candian Thanksgiving and so the library wasn’t open for emailing. We did all our shopping and cleaning etc then did a lot of finding. It was POURING with rain, we got SO wet. We did a lot of finding at the bus stop. After that we had a Filipino thanksgiving dinner and I tried pancet(??) as well as turkey and potatoes and salad. Also, brussel sprouts are really popular here???? Idk, I can stomach them. But then while we were at a recent converts house having a family home evening/thanksgiving dessert we got transfer calls!!!!! If I were an assistant to the president that’d be my favourite part of the job..you can tell they just LOVE dragging it out like some sort of reality tv show hahaha! But Sister Pavone is going to Port Moody, and I am staying in Surrey and getting a brand sparkling new companion!!!
I am so excited!! But also nervous. And sorry I forgot to take photos this week!!!!
Love Sister McKee

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