Transfers, training and one last turkey dinner!!!

I am officially DONE with turkey. Four turkey dinners in 6 days and a fridge full of the stuff is enough to make me think I am DONE with the bird, haha!
Well this past week has been interesting! Training is definitely not easy but I love my trainee, Sister Lofthouse! She is from Idaho and is so sweet. Also she is great at teaching!! I hardly have to worry about that.
Wednesday we taught a Japanese lady, and visited a whole bunch of people because Sister Pavone was leaving…this made it kinda hard to get appointments for the rest of the week but, oh well!
So transfers have been changed now- previously all the missionaries getting transferred or getting a new companion would go to a big meeting at the mission office- but it was costing the mission over $30,000 to transport and get everyone there!! So now, only the people training that means a lot of travel to different areas for other transfers. I went with Sister Pavone up to Port Moody on Wednesday night, which is her new area. We stayed the night with 3 other Sisters so it was basically a sleepover..and yes we talked for hours about mission life. It was so much fuuuun!
The next we traveled over to Richmond to drop me off at the transfer training meeting…ahhh!! I was so nervous! But then I saw that Sister Ovard and Sister Jenson were training too!!! They both came out of the MTC with me so we’re in the same boat. But not even kidding, when the new missionaries walked in I looked at Sister Lofthouse and though “I bet that’s my trainee…” and I was right!!! Later we drove back to our area and actually had another sister staying with us until the next morning when they could take the 4 hour bus ride over to their area. We went out and did some street contacting, and the other sister met this awesome lady who we are now teaching!! Her name is B——- and she has 3 young children. She actually had been thinking about “joining the Mormon church” – then a couple hours later she meets us, the missionaries!!
Friday was a turkey dinner with some hilarious church members!
Saturday we taught B——- the restoration and she  responded really well! SHE IS SO SOLID!!!!! AHHHHHHHH! We also talked to this crazy guy on the street who started off the conversation with “Hello. Are you women of God??”. Basically, he was crazy. You know they’re crazy when they bring up Michael the archangel and start punching garbage cans. Also, he was wearing white gloves and would not touch the Book of Mormon but took a restoration pamphlet as ‘protection’. Fun times!
Sunday was a little bit of a mess. Like I said, training is not easy. Firstly, you have to make a lot of the decisions yourself because your new companion is just learning about what we fill our day with and how to do the work. But I am so grateful to not be whitewashing and I am grateful for Sister Lofthouse because she is already an awesome teacher!! We had church and then our afternoon was filled with finding…we managed to drop by a less active members home and set up an appointment, and also drop by an investigator’s home, who are hard to contact, and teach the Plan of Salvation. Then we had a great visit with  the C—— family.  Sister C—– treats us like her own daughter who is also on a mission. They are so awesome!!!!
This week we have quite a few appointments already set which is exciting. LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!! the key is not to get discouraged!! Trust in the Lord and everything works out!! No joke!!!
Love, Sister McKee
p.s I got like no emails this week. Seriously. (mums note- she got 10 emails from 4 different people, bit of an exaggeration there!)
Goodbye, Sister Pavone!

Goodbye, Sister Pavone!

October Sky

October Sky

Welcome, Sister Lofthouse

Welcome, Sister Lofthouse

At Sister C's house with ice cream!

At Sister C’s house with ice cream!



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