Week 13!! Maple leaf stains on the pavement

It has been another roller-coaster week here in Surrey!! Everyday is different!  Also, did I ever mention how much it rains here..like it hasn’t stopped for 3 weeks! Thank you raincoat and gumboots! But I really need a waterproof skirt hahaha..see the pictures.
We had a bit of a rough start to the week. Tuesday was rough..basically everything fell through – BUT we got to visit someone for the first time and gave her some service..she is a young single mom. We made her baby’s crib!!
Wednesday was a complete contrast!! We taught 3 lessons!! I love teaching!! The day began with a good district meeting with our Sister Training leaders there. Then we gave a Japanese Book of Mormon to Y—..she’s kinda hard to understand, she wants to keep it for only a week and have visits once a month?? We aren’t JW’s!! (Jehovah’s Witnesses) hahaha! We then had a powerful lesson with J— & O—- when we read through 2 Nephi 31 with them and talked about baptism. They’re still hesitant to commit but they’re both so sweet!
Thursday we got 2 lessons in!! We had planning and taught our last lesson to the Fijians..we will probably just teach them English as service to our Bishop and his wife. They aren’t ready to change from their Hindu beliefs..yet haha!. We also taught A— about keeping the Sabbath day holy…and he came to church!!! We visited two church member families that night, and had some really good visits!
Friday was our day of service…we had no lessons, but we helped our ward mission leader’s wife to clean up her patio from a huge storm we had. We also visited a member and she made brunch for us.. Kraft mac n cheese and pancakes!! the best!
Saturday was awesome too, we taught 2 lessons and had the ward ‘trunk or treat’ activity (inside coz of the rain) and ate dinner at a less active church member’s house so we were half an hour late to a lesson but the lady was still there waiting!!! Long story, felt so awful but she is so nice and didn’t mind at all!
Sunday was just the end to such a good week. We had S—- and her four girls come to church and love it, and A— came to church. We taught a few lessons (MIRACLES!! SO MANY LESSONS!!!) and it has just been an amazing week!!!
thanks for all the emails!!!!
3rd Week of Rain - with Sis Lofthouse 28 Oct 2014

Wet skirts this week – 3rd week of rain!

Maple Leaves stain pavement - 20 Oct 2014

Maple leaf stains on the pavement after rain!

Autumn - 28 Oct 2014

Red Maple trees


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