Sleep when you’re dead, right??

But we did get an extra hour of sleep because of daylight savings Saturday night!! It felt so gooooooood.
Sister Lofthouse and I are just SO BUSY. We are definitely NOT in control of this work though, and we are so humbled to be part of the Canada Vancouver Mission!! Seriously is THE best mission ever. Seriously. I LOVE being here!
 3 Nov 2014 with Sis Lofthouse
Monday night we had a lesson with B——-. She is so trusting of us, and wants to get baptized!! Only she wants to do it with her boyfriend..who is incarcerated atm. But, we can work with that!
Tuesday I left my trainee in our area to go up on exchanges with the district leader, Sister Larsen…Ok, I was a little worried, but Sister Lofthouse did great!!! She is such a good missionary! I can’t really remember what we did that day, but we went finding and I think visited some really kind members.
Wednesday was a blast because…we got to watch the new movie – “Meet the Mormons”!!! It was so much fun. We had a tri-zone conference and we were all laughing, crying and being uplifted together. One of the best parts about being a missionary is being surrounded by other missionaries, it gives you so much strength…and  I got to have some one-on-one time with Sister Burt.  I love our mission mom!  Also, she had boxes of chocolates and lollies for us after. The best ever!!! But that night we taught B——- again who is slowly making some progress. We’re going to start committing her to live things like the Word of Wisdom (mormon health code) etc. But then we taught a really hard lesson…that didn’t go so well. Oh well, not everything is perfect in missionary life.
Thursday we had solid lessons booked but they all fell through!! Although, we got our first legit referral from the missionaries who answer questions on They sent us a text with the persons information and what they have requested. We are giving J—– a Book of Mormon on Thursday and will hopefully share The Restoration story! We were walking a bunch because we basically ran out of km’s we are allowed on our car, (we work hard, OK??? hahaha) We ate at a legit hole-in-the-wall Indian food place haha! It was good and we didn’t get sick!!
Friday was Halloween! We had to stay in from 6pm and do our weekly planning because Halloween here is like New Years, Guy Fawkes, and Halloween all rolled into one. Our car is still covered in firework debris!!  Friday is turning into our day of service, we did some cleaning and helped some people pack and move. I made hamburgers for dinner!!
Saturday…it’s always conflicting when you start teaching an investigator then later on realize they are drunk. We don’t know how much sunk in but she committed to baptism on the 28th of November! We visited some nice church members that night too.
Sunday we didn’t have any investigators in church, sadly BUT we managed to talk to a heap of members and set up times to visit them this week! President wants us to be in members homes at 8pm each night…we are trying our best! We taught and Egyptian lady and her husband, and also S—- had us for dinner! She cooked lamb!!! We love S— and her daughters so much…She has prayed about the Book of Mormon and now every other religion has been knocking at her door!!! Hopefully things will work out though. We watched The Restoration movie with the family and the girls were amazed haha!.
BUT ANYWAY so many emails this week!! thank you!!!!
Sister McKee

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