Transfer week!!!

Ok, I don’t know if I’m getting transferred yet..but probably I will be staying and finishing training Sister Lofthouse. But where do I start with this week?? So many spiritual experiences, miracles and stories!
On Monday night we had an awesome visit with some church members. The father in the family is officially cancer free as of Thursday!  He is a convert and had the biggest change of heart back when he got baptized..he used to chase the missionaries out of the house when they would visit his wife who is a member!! But now he loves the gospel and everything- he shared a lot of his life experiences with us but it all came back down to the Savior and the Atonement. He has been well enough to attend church for the first time in a year!
Tuesdays miracle- we taught a lady named C—— and her daughter T—–!! They are so SOLID! And for once, they haven’t totally disappeared once we taught them. We went over the Restoration- C——, the mum, has amazing faith and LOVES prayer. She isn’t sure on baptism yet but she said she’d pray about it and hopefully we’ll be able to meet with her tonight. She works heaps and very late so it’s hard to find time to meet, but we’ve had almost daily contact and she’s tried to read the Book of Mormon part that we left her!
Wednesday I can’t really remember….
Thursday was A DAY OF MIRACLES THOUGH!!! – nothing for a baptism, but still miracles!! We finished our planning then I said a huge prayer asking Heavenly Father to help us and work some miracles. Then, 2 minutes later we get a text from a guy who potentially will be baptised, saying he can meet us in half an hour at the church!! And then our Bishop called us and said that a guy at  his work had approached him and asked “So when can I get baptized?” He has learned a lot about the church through people he works with and wants to be baptized because he believes it’s truth!
Friday and Saturday we fasted for an increase of faith as a zone so we can get some miracles! We had an amazing Spirit filled lesson with A—..except that his parents aren’t going to let him come to church until February when school has settled down. But as we were teaching he looks up at us and the lightbulb goes on, “So there IS a God!!!”. We hope he can continue in faith. Also a former investigator called us out of the blue and asked when we can come meet her again!
Saturday we had a busy day! We managed to do SOME walking though… it’s hard to walk when you have appointment after appointment.  We taught N—, who is the one that will get baptized next year when his probation ends. Sister Lofthouse blew me away, she was amazing at teaching that lesson on the Restoration!!!! So proud of how far she has come. She is so good at listening to the Spirit. We also did some service for our members.
Thank you so much for all of your emails, I love receiving them. Next week we will all know if I’m still in Surrey!!!
We dressed the same today!

Sister Lofthouse and I dressed the same today!


Forget your bluetooth? Talking to God is always hands free!


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