Canadian Christmas lights!

Christmas lights - Surrey

Christmas lights – Surrey

Transfers week! Didn’t get transferred- but I got called as District Leader!! They also moved the zones around a bit- now we are in the same zone as the elders in our ward haha. Surrey Zone is going to be awesome!!!!!

We have a had a not so easy week- it’s ok though, it’s what we sign up for! It’s been the sort of week where we have had the opportunity to develop the Christlike attribute of Diligence. Because we literally had days with 4 solid lessons and visits etc and EVERYTHING fell through in the space of one hour. We have spent many nights this week out in -4 degree weather talking to strangers at bus stops BUT we know we’ll get some miracles soon..hopefully haha.
Early on this week we had the opportunity to teach C-. He is a program director at the John Vulcan Academy, and addiction recovery place. Basically, we just have to formally teach him because he’s already got his baptism planned out. Because all the people he works with are mormon, he already knows lots about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. So that’s something to look forward to! He’s away for a couple weeks with his boss visiting the other John Vulcan places in the states but when he gets back it’s all go!!
We have been working more with B- this week- she came to the church Christmas party and the members were so awesome! She got along well with a few and they’ve invited her to come for dinner this week. She  has finished her parenting course and will be coming to church this Sunday- still praying to know if the Book of Mormon is true though, but when she gets that answer she wants to be baptized!
I ate some raw ginger this week- we met a guy at the bus stop one night who was raw vegan. regret. RULE NUMBER ONE. Never eat raw ginger then try have a gospel conversation with someone. I guess that proves- never take food from strangers hahaha.
Anyway, thank you for all the emails!
If you haven’t already, watch this and then share it on facebook, twitter, blogs, etc!!! Spread it around, we know there’ll be so many miracles from it!!
love Sister McKee!


Surrey sisters

Surrey sisters

Check the temperature!

Check the temperature!

We were given a cat lovers tea-pot

We were given a cat lovers tea-pot


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