Super awesome weeeeeeek!!

Christmas lights - Surrey 2014

Christmas lights – Surrey

It started off with exchanges with our new S(ister)T(raining)L(eader)’s..Sister Dixon and Sister Johnson. They are both super awesome even if they arefrom Utah..haha kdding 🙂 Sister Johnson and I worked in my area. We did a ton of street contacting and meet some really awesome people! Also, we got to help an older (ok she’s like 85) ward member  put up her Christmas deco’s and there were treats 🙂 The exchange helped me so much! Sometimes it’s easy to go into missionary robot mode.. that’s not a very effective way of working. Change is constant!!

I had my first district meeting this week..I think it went ok!! We talked a lot about praying with faith, and mighty prayer!! It’s super important to really mean it when you pray and really believe your prayers will be answered. Wishy washy ain’t gonna get you anywhere!

We had some good lessons this week..set baptismal dates…dropped baptismal dates…had a whole heap of new investigators..over all it’s been another week of miracles..let me share:
We were out at night at the bus exchange and an Indian kid comes up all excited. He’s flicking through his phone and shows us a photo he’s taken of a card. Anyway, a long story short I said,: “so do you have faith in Jesus Christ?” “NOW i do!!” “what happened” “I went on this website!!!”   We set him a baptismal date. hahaha such amazing miracles!!
Sunday afternoon we were knocking at this complex…of mean people. Seriously mean people!  Like, on the verge of bawling, mean people. Everyone from anti-mormon to jw’s. But for some reason we felt we should keep knocking. Out of nowhere this lady runs up to us..we think she’s going to tell us off. Instead she asks us if we have a bible..she’s christian but was living with her mom who is devout in another religion and wont let her have a bible or go to a church. Maybe we all teared up a little. She was so kind, and genuinely wants to meet up to learn more and come to church. And get this…her name. is. HOLLY. watch this space…
anyway thank you all for the emails!!!
love Sister McKee
With Sister Lofthouse

With Sister Lofthouse


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