we might just have…A BAPTISM NEXT WEEK!!!!

That’s right!! I will confirm it next email…long story short he’s ready but gotta sort out a couple of things with our mission president first. AHHHHHHHHHHHH, I want to write about him but I will wait until we’ve been given the green light.
It’s been a good week!! Every week presents itself with new miracles and challenges..nothing ever comes easy as a missionary. God doesn’t just hand you stuff on a plate (usually hahaha) but working for it makes it worth it!!!
We had an awesome zone meeting on Wednesday in Richmond!! It was the Surrey and Richmond zones together…also for your information one of my zone leaders is from Auckland! what are the chances hahaha
Anyway in zone meeting we watched “He is the gift”…it’s super powerful. Hope you’ve all gone and done #sharethegift !!! We also watched a movie about a wayward missionary who turns his mission around at Christmas time and they baptize a family!! We’ve been praying hard to find a family that is ready and prepared to accept the gospel..we think we might’ve found THE ONE..more next week!!  Afterward, we had a turkey dinner all together. Candians LOVE turkey..not sure why. Anyway, I’m getting so fat on turkey and all the chocolates members are giving us…but hey, I can officially do 9 push ups now!!!!
I am so grateful to be a missionary!! We get to help so many people in small ways..a smile is all someone needs sometimes!!
get out and share the gospel!! love Sister McKee
 Surrey street

Surrey street

15 Dec 2014 - winter


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