Christmas is a Great Time to be a Missionary!!!

That’s right!! Noheel is getting baptized on Saturday the 27th!! It’s part of our ‘Christmas Gift to the Savior’!! He is so ready and excited to be baptized!! AND I managed to find a violin through one of our members to play at the baptism..he’s a concert violinist and we might play a duet…ahhhhhhh! 6 months of not playing or thinking about violin and I almost forgot how to put on a shoulder rest haha.

It’s been such an awesome week!! From finding out Noheel can be baptized, to getting to teach Curtis again!! To be honest can’t really remember what we did this week.
Friday I hosted my first exchanges as a district leader. We’ve been so busy, there’s been almost no spare time, but I went to Delta with Sister Bramford. The sister missionaries in Delta are doing super great with member work but are so crazy busy! We talked about using time wisely and looking at  activities they host – do activities really add to  key indicators or goals we set for our areas. We had fun though!!
Yesterday we had literally nothing planned at the start of the day but by the end we had 2 lessons, one new investigator and a recent convert to visit!! Miracles!! We got to teach Haley and Nick for the first time in months, plus another family too- they had pizza for us and were super open this time. We think there’ll be more good news from them soon… 🙂
Anyway, so excited for will basically be a normal day for us though..but when we visit members/less actives, there’ll be Christmas celebrations involved.

Sister Dixon, me, Lofthouse Hemenway, Bramford & STL Johnson

Sister Dixon, me, Lofthouse Hemenway, Bramford & Sister Johnson

Something fabulous- cats in cowboy boots!!

Something fabulous- cats in cowboy boots!!


2 thoughts on “Christmas is a Great Time to be a Missionary!!!

  1. I hope your Christmas in the mission was a memorable one. There is no better gift you could give to the Savior than to serve him and his children. I had great intentions of getting Christmas cards out but things as usual got a little crazy. Lisa Hoy came and spent a few days with us. She was spending time in Oregon and that was just too close not to come see us.

    Jane Eyre sent us a copy of the Hamilton Ward book which was a great remembrance of our time in Hamilton. It had lots of testimonies of members and some great pictures.
    Have a fabulous New Year with lots of wonderful experiences.

    Love, LaFaunda

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