Christmas, awkward photos, violin and….BAPTISMS


Sister Lofthouse and I were able to take part in our FIRST baptisms this weekend just past…not ONE miracle…but TWO!!!!
On Monday in the afternoon we received a call from our Bishop, who works with C-, he said they’ve organised a time for C’s baptism!!! WE WERE SO EXCITED!!! Because C- hadn’t had any formal missionary lessons, that night we basically taught a million different things to try and get each lesson in before Sunday.
Tuesday was super busy too..we had a really sweet member from El Salvador invite us over for brunch and then we had a mini exchange with the Delta sisters! I worked with Sister Hemenway in our Surrey 3rd Ward..first off, she is such an amazing missionary! She has only been out about 3-4 weeks but teaches like a pro!! We got to teach J- and N-(who got baptised). Then we had district car inspections..the STL’s were on exchanges so we had one of the cute mandarin sister missionaries come ..apparently my name in mandarin is said like kurr and means tadpole hahahaha. kurr jia mei.
On Wednesday morning I skyped home!! It was weird. After that we visited one of our former friends called A-…she is older and her mental state is deteriorating but she enjoys our visits and we sing hymns (rather badly) for her! Then I went to  pick up some violin duet music for N-‘s baptism to play with Jeremy Ferland.  We also visited a less active church member with MS and that was a really nice visit..We love sharing Christmas messages with people!!! That night we had Christmas Eve dinner (turkey no. 1) with our bishop and they were skyping with a family member on his mission in Hamilton! So funny.
Thursday was Christmas!! We opened our presents between push ups and crunches in the morning. We had brunch with our bishop, Sister Lofthouse called home, and we even got to teach J-!! We helped a lady set up for Christmas dinner as her health makes it hard for her and we also had Christmas Dinner with her and her family!! (turkey no. 2) There was 11 of us! It was so good and a lot of fun.  We spent the evening out on the street  talking to people who don’t celebrate Christmas or don’t have anyone to celebrate it with. It was a great day!!
On Friday we did our weekly planning and I practiced violin during lunch with Jeremy for N-‘s baptism..we got to eat dinner again with a family in our ward- they’re kinda insane but it’s so fun!!! (turkey no. 3). That night we finished off all of the lessons with C- and he told us a funny story..he was practicing getting baptized with J who is baptizing him..anyway J said “you can give all your weight” C- does and falls on the floor..then J says “not now!! when we’re actually in the water!!”  Soooo funny!
On Saturday we had N’s baptism!! We turned the font on in the morning and went to our coordination meeting..then back to the chapel to finish setting up for the baptism! President and Sister Burt came with their daughter+husband and baby so that was nice. We had the bishops son play the simplified hymns and he did so well!! N is so solid and will definitely stick. He really was so happy to be baptized and we feel so blessed to have been able to get him there. Also..the violin duet wasn’t too bad. I think the spirit glossed over most of my mistakes which were mainly just in bowing haha. That night we went to the Filipino party at church.   We had invited a less active member and a part member family who were there! Just a heads up…Filipino’s are wild. and their food is half delicious half …not so good. but it was fun!!
Sunday was another busy baptism day!! C- had invited a heap of  people he works with come and so that was nice. His boss, J, gave an amazing talk on the holy ghost and our bishop who is also a workmate of C- gave a non-conventional talk on baptism..he did it like an interview with another Mormon workmate.. it was really awesome. The funniest part was when C’s friends were making fun of C getting his hipster hair wet..we know he still has a long way to go in the gospel but he’s super excited and enthusiastic to be a member of Christ’s church!!!
I love being a missionary!! It’s been a long 6 months but these 2 are so awesome and we’re so happy for them!!!
Love Sister McKee

Our Christmas tree given to us by some awesome members

Baptism day selfie!

Baptism day selfie!


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