Probably my last full week in Surrey!

I can’t believe I am 6 months through my mission…apparently the next year goes by in a blur!!

We had a really good week, considering we baptized our 2 most solid investigators.. we’d been able to set up a ton of lessons from street contacting and calling people so we taught 11 lessons, 5 of which were in one day!! Miracles!! Although some lessons fell through, we were able to drop by some other people and visit with them instead.
The highlights of this week…well, during the week, we set 3 new baptismal dates. Sadly, none of them  made it to church on Sunday but hopefully we can reset, help them re-prioritize and get back on track to reach their goal!!
Yesterday, Curtis received the Gift of the Holy Ghost and was confirmed a member of the church…such a spiritual blessing. He has no idea, but it was the most unique blessing I’ve ever heard! Sister Lofthouse even teared up a little haha. In the first lesson after his baptism we asked “so what did you promise when you were baptized?” first response was.. “to come to church. ALL 3 HOURS.” classic Curtis! So when he was late to church  we freaked out…turns out his car wouldn’t start so he had to take a cab but he made it in time for his confirmation!

We met a guy on the street a few weeks ago who gave us his number..but we forgot about him.  Anyway, we give this random number a call and when we come to the appointment it was the guy we had met on the street.  When we go in and sit down with his mother and his girlfriend  he announces “Surprise! We’re actually church members! we were baptized in Fiji”.  Sister Lofthouse and I are like “WHAT?”.  They’re less active church members but were interested in coming back and his girlfriend is not a member but super solid..

Transfer calls are tonight and I know i’m probably leaving which is so sad!! I love this area so much and there is still so much work to do here!!! But I can’t stay forever..or maybe I can!! kidding!!
– Sister McKee

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