This is not a joke!! Everyone was so surprised because we all thought I was being transferred! But I have another 6 weeks here so I am happy!!
It’s been a crazy week! We had 7 new investigators this week!! 7!! Not all of them are solid though..in fact only maybe one or two haha. But it’s been fun to teach so many different people.
We’ve been working with a Fijian family who haven’t been to church for a while. The guy’s girlfriend M- is super excited to be baptized on February 7th, so pray for her!!
We set a goal for this month to find, teach and baptize four people. That is a lot…considering we’ve  had only two baptisms in 6 months..Originally, we thought we would aim for three, like last months goal..then after we prayed about it we both strongly felt we needed to aim for four. We have no idea why- there are literally no solid investigators right now who are ready to be baptized this month! BUT! there are two kids of a recent convert who want to get baptised..just pray for miracles please!!! They are so ready to be baptized but their dad’s heart needs to be softened or something..we don’t know.
Goal setting and reviewing is just so important!! We are working as hard as we can so that through our faith, Heavenly Father can help us reach our goals!  Last month we had no one who was ready for baptism, and then in the space of a few days we had two! so we know that if it’s meant to happen, four baptisms will happen!!
Anyway, still with Sister Lofthouse, still eating way too much chocolate from members, still district leader..
Email me!!!
Love Sister Mckee
Still in Surrey!

Still in Surrey!

January Sunset Surrey

January Sunset Surrey


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