It’s been a great week!!

We had Stake Conference on Sunday when all the local area congregations get together for one service.  We saw some miracles there!!  K— said the closing prayer and it was AMAZING!! The spirit was so strong. We got to see her and the kids twice on the weekend, they’re really progressing back towards the gospel again. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

Ok ,so we go to this lesson last night at a basement apartment with a church member. It was all dark, we knocked but obviously the guy wasn’t there.  So, we waited a couple minutes, then we hear a noise that kinda sounds like leaves rustling, but also like someone is pouring water on the ground or something…anyway, we phone the guy and he answers, we realise that we can hear him speaking,  not just on the phone. Sister Lofthouse asked “Is it ok if we come share a message?” and he said “yes!” Meanwhile, I’ve starting climbing back up the stairs to try find him and he sees me as I see him slip around the front of the house, so we quickly walk to see where he’s going and I make it around the corner in time to see this guy just flying down the street to go and hide!  WE CRIED FROM LAUGHING!!!
Also, we started teaching a young mother..she’s set for baptism on the 14th of February! She read and prayed about the Book of Mormon and really felt it was true, so we are excited! She wants to bring her boyfriend and his family to church this coming Sunday!!
We’re  driving a different car this week as our white one is getting repairs. We went to Richmond one night with our awesome Sister Training Leaders to pick it up !!!  We saw a raccoon by their chapel!
Such a FUN WEEK!

Such a FUN WEEK!

Anyway, it’s been a great week…we didn’t think we were going to make it through the week with any more than 4 lessons. BUT! through miracles, in the end we had 9!! The missionaries in our area average between 2-10 lessons per week.  We’re usually higher which is good..we just wish we could crack 12 lessons in one week!! We really should be teaching 40 a week but we aren’t there yet …just have to work hard and see what happens!

Thanks for your emails!
Love Sister McKee

One thought on “It’s been a great week!!

  1. Sister McKee, We have really enjoyed your missionary reports and can picture you with all your enthusiasm and love of the gospel showing through. You are in a challenging area, just right for someone of your faith and talent. You seem to be having the kind of wonderful experiences and friendships that will last a lifetime. We only wish we could be a senior couple serving with you. Our prayers are with you to enjoy success and safety. We hope that you are not suffering too much from the cold weather up North. We are back home in Mexico enjoying a warm winter. We miss New Zealand and your terrific family. Love,Ed and Erin Christensen

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