Just when you think Surrey can’t get any more CRAZY…..

We went to White Rock last P-day!!  Sisters Johnson, Merrit, Dahl, Allen and the White Rock Chinese speaking sisters, came with us.  We ate some good ice cream.  It was nice just to wander around and be relaxed and enjoy the sun!!
White Rock - 3 February 2015
White Rock -3 February 2015
White Rock Pier 3 February 2015
The Miracle of R–
A few weeks ago Sister Johnson and I were on exchanges here in Surrey.  We were knocking on doors that morning.  We knock on the door of a house where we can see kids playing and we feel really good about it…but when the mum opens the door she looks us up and down with a “hpmh!”   The conversation went like this:
“Hi! How are you?”
“..ok.  Have any plans for today?”
“I’m a busy mom of 3 kids. I don’t have time for this!!”
“Well, ok…what’s your name?”
hair flick “Rachel”
“Well Rachel, can we help you with anything at all?”
“Can we come back?…”
So much sass! This woman was NOT very nice…..until…
A few days ago we got a message via the churches website that R– would like a visit.  We recognise the address as the same street as this “Rachel”..so we call the number and she’s really pleasant and we set up an appointment.  As we drive to her house and get closer and closer I realise that IT’S RACHEL’S HOUSE.  So I’m wondering if R– lives there too or what?  We knock at the door and “Rachel” answers but it turns out her name is actually R—!  As we sit down she proceeds to apologise for not being nice (she uses other language…we have to work on that haha)  and tells us the story of what changed her heart.  She’d been having trouble with the Ministry wanting to take her kids off her again.. but anyway, she was standing with a really nice friend when some elders approached them and gave them cards.  To be nice, R– just took it and when she got home she threw it in the bin.  She had been feeling really stressed about her kids and not being a good parent so she turned to something she knew from her childhood, God and prayer.  She had an ‘Enos experience’ where she cried and prayer ALL NIGHT that everything would be ok with her kids and that the Ministry would not take the.  The next day she got  a call saying that they’re thinking of closing her file for good.  This prompted her to pull the Mormon card out of the bin and refer to the online site.  We call the very next day to set up the appointment.  Later that day her lawyer called telling her the Ministry have officially closed her children’s file.  Talk about a MIRACLE.  She came to church yesterday, and we’re not sure what she thought yet because she still has a serious attitude haha!  We’re meeting with her again on Wednesday.  She has a long way to go but we love her already!!  We KNOW Heavenly Father is preparing people and changing their hearts in this area!! There’s a reason why we give out so many mormon.org cards!! You never know who will turn to them one day!!
Also, this week we participated in a Chinese funeral!!  It involved a lot of bowing…I was asked to give a talk on the purpose of life, so I talked about finding eternal happiness in families.  Then we had lunch afterwards at a Chinese seafood restaurant..yeah, you can imagine!  I ate everything from crab,to fish stomach soup, to Peking duck taco things.  Chinese people are so animated, it’s funny.  I had no idea what anyone was saying but they were so polite and just kept piling food on our plates haha…it was an 8 course meal too…the chicken course was really good!! and the broccoli.
Our area organised a day for Ward Mission Leaders, missionaries and other church leaders to have a fun experience as if being in the Missionary Training Centre. Elder Paul Christensen was there – he id this hilarious, yet true, object lesson.  He came in dressed like a homeless guy but he was acting as a miner.  He showed us tools for mining ‘gold’ or ‘golden people’ (who are genuinely interested in the gospel).  They were things like faith, book of mormon etc… but he did this thing with a log.  The log was the hard heart of a person…and a long nail was the gospel.  At first we tried to hammer it in with a tiny hammer which represented tracting (door knocking)…then tried a bigger hammer of street contacting…then a bigger hammer of referrals to people from friends…but the only huge mallet that got the nail in was teaching investigators of the church in members homes…which is so true!! It was really motivating for our ward to get more involved!!
Anyway, I’ve written enough…and that’s not even half of the crazy things that happened this week!!
There are transfers in a couple of weeks and the the Missionary Training Centre day, President Burt leans over to me and asks “How long have you been here?”, “A LONG TIME!” ,  “Yeah, that’s what I thought…”
Maybe, I’m finally getting transferred?? hahahahaha
Love Sister McKee
We're eating healthy, Mum! 3 February 2015

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