#Prince George

Yes…I got transferred….. !

I am now serving in the Nechako Ward in Prince George with Sister Jenson!!! Yes, the Sister I was in the Missionary Training Center with! She’s from New York!! It’s honestly going to be the BEST transfer EVER!!! We are so excited to work together and we have already seen so many miracles…like the fact we had 14  lessons this week with church members present!!!! Never have had that many before!! Almost unheard of…no lie!!!
The busiest week ever..Vancouver last week was SO awesome. We just wandered around this area called Gastown..basically like Wellington. So cool. Then transfer calls that night went something like this…
“Sister McKee..bla bla assistant talk bla….you are being transferred to Prince George with Sister Jenson!”
Yup. Prince George is kinda the joke of the mission, although so far I don’t know why. because the members are so friendly. The people are so nice. A little crazy, but I got that in Surrey too. The weather hasn’t been too awful either. Prince George is just like Lander, WY only 10 times bigger. There is so much snow here but thankfully it hasn’t snowed for a while SO it’s pretty warm!! Like 2 degrees on average!!
We have some super awesome people we’re working with right now!! Super close to baptism! I love being here already and Sister Jenson and I get along pretty darn well so it’s great. She’s got a lot of sass.
Honestly, so much ‘crazy’ happened this week, I don’t know where to start. We had a lesson with a man that ended with us hysterically laughing and the poor church member who was there had to pick up the fragments of the lesson and close with a prayer. We are teaching a mother and daughter.   She just needs to quit smoking but really wants to be a Mormon!! Her daughter M– is so cute and always says “I LOVE YOU!!!” in her 7 yr old voice haha. There area ton of First Nations people up here, but not many are church members…gotta work on that!!
We taught a lesson in the emergency room of the hospital..coolest part was – we said a prayer with the kid and he got better. Like, immediately. No lie!!
Anyway, if you haven’t read the Book of Mormon lately, read it!! It’s the best!!
Sister McKee
Vacouver - 25 Feb 2015

A view from Vancouver

Central Vancouver

Central Vancouver

With my new companion Sister Jenson

With my new companion in Prince George, Sister Jenson

Prince George township

Prince George township


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