We’ve had a crazy week…

We have had a crazy week with a lot of hard things but we made it through!!!
Sister Jensen and i get on really well, she has a great New York attitude!  We live in an appartment building along with another sister companionship and some elders and an older missionary couple.  Our bishop here is really cool….he has a….pig farm!! and just LOVES pigs.
One really hard thing is that L—, who is supposed to be getting baptized this week, may not be…Her husband wasn’t to happy with her decision to be baptised so it’s not looking good. But, we have faith that she will be baptized some day soon. But that’s ok!
We knocked a lot of doors this week! But it’s not exactly effective..but God still works miracles for us! We knocked on the door of one of the ladies we volunteer with at Salvation Army Food Bank.   She wanted to read the Book of Mormon!! So we’ll give her one.  We’re planning to do a family history stand at the mall, which apparently is really effective to share the gospel as well.
A blessing is that everyone here has cats so I’ve been able to hold lots of cats. Cat therapy is real.
Tonight we have two Family Home Evening’s to look forward to! To promote unity between elders and sisters up here, we have a Family Home Evening with all the missionaries  and the senior couple. It a time to get together have some fun and some food and a short gospel lesson.  and….we’re doing the lesson!   Also the Olsen’s, aka the best family ever, have invited us to have dinner and FHE with them and a recent convert who is our age!! Blessings!!
Otherwise, I can’t remember what happened this week! but I love my mission!!
love Sister McKee
Me and Sister Jensen!

Me and Sister Jensen!

Prince G - 2 Mar 2015

PG - 10 March 2015

Prince George

Prince George - 10 March 2015

Prince George Rainbow


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