Trip North

It has been a crazy tough week. But we survived and still saw miracles!!!

This week started off with a huge Zone Conference! It was all about teaching skills and helping people make and keep commitments.  Also, how to plan each week and look after our area books. I love Zone Conferences. This is when I have had some of my favorite missionary experiences. It’s an opportunity to learn and feel the Spirit and be prompted how you can improve..and wow was it a call to repentance!!  That’s a positive thing though, it means I know how I can improve myself. And there’s ALWAYS so many ways I can improve!!
I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but our mission is going to be like all the other missions… they are doing away with sister districts and sister district leaders. It’s a weird transition but it’s actually been super awesome and our current district leader is a champ. The reason they are doing this is because there just aren’t enough sisters going out on missions!! Get out there, girls!!!!!
On Saturday after some early morning drama we were able to travel 2 hours north to a town called Mackenzie (yes still our ward area).  There we contacted and visited a person who was referred to us as well as less active church members there. It was a miracle, faith building day. Many of the people there had never met missionaries before!! Our awesome senior missionary couple the Deckwa’s, who are from California, drove us up and we spent the day with them.  I took that really artsy looking pic of the sunset.
24 March - trip to MacKenzie (2)

Beautiful lakes near MacKenzie

24 March - trip to MacKenzie

Lots of forestry.

But anyway, it’s a new week this week!! We will redouble our efforts and keep increasing our faith…next Monday is transfer calls!!!!
Area Sisters

Area Sisters

Love Sister McKee
from Mum….

Mackenzie is a district municipality within the Fraser-Fort George Regional District in central British Columbia, Canada. The community is located at the south end of Williston Lake. The townsite, established by Alexandra Forest Industries (acquired by BC Forest Products in 1967) and Cattermole Timber (partnered with Jujo Paper in 1970 to create Finlay Forest Industries), was named for Sir Alexander MacKenzie (1764–1820). Mackenzie’s main industries are logging, lumber, market pulp and tourism. Duz Cho Logging, sawmills, such as the Canfor Corporation Mackenzie sawmill (successor to BCFP’s lumber division) and Conifex Timber,[2] (successor to FFI) and the Paper Excellence[3] kraft pulp mill (successor to BCFP’s pulp division), are major employers in town. The addition of Thompson Creek Metals Mount Milligan copper-gold operation[4] is a major new asset to the town.Mackenzie is a destination for outdoor sports enthusiasts. In the winter, Mackenzie hosts dog sled racing, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling competitions. Morfee Mountain overlooks Mackenzie and is a popular destination for local hiking and an off-road vehicle destination. Mackenzie has a swimming pool, indoor and outdoor skating rinks, a curling rink, and two developed beaches on Morfee Lake; First Beach is used primarily for recreational swimming, and Second Beach includes a boat launch. Mackenzie has a ski hill just east of the main town and is 45 minutes away from Powder King ski resort as well as Little Mac a small hill in town. Several lakes that are great for fishing spots.


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