Vancouver is beautiful in spring

Spring in Vancouver, so pretty

Spring in Vancouver, so pretty

What a week!! The craziest week of my mission! I have never been so busy yet so tired but also so happy!! We are living above some shops and there is a florist!  They have mini daffodils plants – we really want to buy one!  There are tulips and daffodils and blossoms everywhere here!! its the prettiest city!!

I love working with the Vancouver Young Single Adults…it was my dream area and it’s just the best. It’s fun to work with YSA and they’re so willing to help and be friends with the people we bring along.

We had this amazing miracle at General Conference – President Burt had said don’t go to conference unless you have an investigator/less active or recent convert to take with you.  But then allowed us to go to saturday morning which was a miracle because our appointment had cancelled.  Then in between conference sessions we got cancelled on by a ton of people.   So the afternoon session starts, we hit the streets…totally ticked ..but we go contacting at the mall down the street to try find someone to bring and 10 minutes later they call us and are like uhm sisters its ok you can come watch now.  But we’re all worked up to find someone so we both pray really hard and get the impression to go outside.  I see this kid (he’s like 24 or something) and say “it’s him!!” and so Sister Rogers stops him and he agrees to wander to conference with us where he proceeds to stay for 10 minutes before he had to go. Sweetest miracle EVER.

Vancouver is SO BUSY!!! we are on the go all the time. There are always people to talk to, and it’s fun to be able to be giving trainings to so many missionaries!! I love working here!!! As a Sister Training Leader at night we get a lot of phone calls especially from the sisters in your stewardship and conference calls with the zone leaders.  My new companion sister Rogers is super cool, shes from Bountiful, Utah. We take the skytrain all the time as most of the missionaries here don’t have cars except us and the zone leaders!  One other missionary here is from NZ!

I hope you all shared “Because He Lives”!! anyway, not much time left.

L- Sister Rogers, Sister Johnson and me!

L- Sister Rogers, Sister Johnson and me!

Friends of ours have a pet goat!

Friends of ours have a pet goat!


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