MPL with Korean BBQ

Yeah, so last p-day we had Korean BBQ for lunch but also a bit of an awkward lesson with a church investigator. It’s ok though, I ate Korean food and stuff and tried to forget about the ‘lesson’.    Actually it wasn’t that bad – but it was a something to laugh at for a bit. Also, I got to go to a baptism with someone I’d taught for a bit down in Surrey!!
Wednesday we spent  basically all day at zone meetings. We  oversee 2 zones of sisters, Vancouver and North Vancouver. We did a role play about a part of missionary life that’s often awkward..’companionship inventory’. Basically it’s time set aside to lay out any problems you’re having in a companionship, set goals to improve yourself and compliment each other. President Burt is all about focusing on eternal principles,  and this is one of them haha!.  It’s something that can be super uplifting.
We are teaching this Chinese guy. He is set to be baptized on the 27th! He’s really searching for the meaning of life…and at one of our lessons he prayed and it was so awesome.  At the end of the preayer he looked u and said, ” I felf somethin!  I felt something!” So powerful!  The Holy Spirit is real!!!! 
We are also teaching this sweet Korean girl.  She is set for baptism on the 27th.  She just soaks everything up.  It’s so fun teaching her!
I love working in YSA!! It’s definitely so different and I really appreciate that right now my life has no drama and that as a missionary you are much more in control of life haha.
We had a Media Split this week!!  Look at the hashtag #realBCmormons on facebook/twitter/whatever social media you have.  It was a day where church members came out with us and took photos of us doing missinary work and they share it with their friends online…super fun, and super crazy!  We did service at this place called Project Harvest, taught a lesson , and did some finding etc.  It’s just another way to show that we are normalish people too!! and spread the gospel.
Stake Conference was this weekend (still haven’t had normal church with the branch!!) but all of the missionaries sang as a choir.  It was awesome!! Last night there was this mind-blowing ‘Fireside’ about 5 truths that have been restored with the restoration….deep doctrine..yay!
Anyway, gotta get going.  We are emailing at the mission office today and the assistants want to use the computers.
Words to live by

Words to live by

Blossoms Everywhere!

Blossoms Everywhere!

Lonsdale Quay to Vancouver - 13 April 2015

View of Vancouver from Lonsdale Quay


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