I never really know what to write about anymore…….

We literally do so much everyday here and we’re so busy that everything blurs and I can’t remember it well!!

  • We passed our Chinese friend on to the elders to teach
  • we met this Chinese girl outside the church who wanted to come in and now she came to church and we’re meeting with her and she has a baptism date!
  • taught 4 lessons in one day, had time to visit a sick sister 45 minutes away and visit a less active church member!!
  • we’re going to bike around stanley park today
  • had so many miracles
  • had another elder and sister district meeting this week
  • drove in vancouver!!!
  • met a lot of new zealanders downtown
  • ate out. a lot. there was no time to go home most days!!
  • met some crazies.
  • rode the buses!!
  • ate at spaghetti factory!!
  • saw more miracles
  • got mail!!
  • had something pretty much go and die in the drain of our kitchen sink. two days of foul smell, and then thank you draino
  • sunday morning we ate pancakes with chocolate chips and strawberries
  • went to normal Vancouver YSA branch church!! said opening prayer..and I’m speaking in church next month
  • taught 11 lessons!!
  • meet with people straight out of china and brazil!!!!
  • got asked the most perfect questions by people “why are there so many branches of jesus christ?” “how can someone who used to believe in God but now doesn’t go back to believing in God?”
  • Got told we were the two most stylish mormon sisters that the random stranger had ever seen

anyway, hope everything is going great for all!!!!!

Sister Rogers and I

Sister Rogers and I

Mum’s note- if you have any questions for Sister McKee about anything…leave them in a message here and I will send them on to her.


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