Meetings, Lessons and thoughts on Conversion if you haven’t watched this, you should!! super awesome!!

Over the past few weeks so much has happened!

Mission Leadership Council- as part of being a sister training leader, I have been blessed to be able to go to a long, 8-9 hour meeting discussing the needs of the mission and it’s missionaries. It was amazing. The topic for the meeting was “have ye received his image in you countenance?”   The holy spirit was strong and it was amazing to be among some of the most amazing missionary leaders in the mission!! Last week we had zone meetings and wow they were based around the talk “stay by the tree”, it was awesome!!!

Our investigator N—– is doing well!! She’s having a hard time giving up coffee because she worked on shifts to 4am last week but she’s resolved to stop and has been doing so well!! We reset her date for May 16th and we know she’ll make it, her faith has grown to amazing heights!!!

We were blessed this week to have a lot of first lessons with people and really saw how heavenly father puts  people where He wants us to find them!!! For example, I was on exchanges with the sweet Hermana Hoth and we went to give a lesson by the Burnaby library, but the girl didn’t show up…and we couldn’t find where the church member was meeting us so while we were wondering around looking for them, we started talking to this Chinese girl who was happy to meet in 5 minutes and learn about God!! So we went and found the church member to come with us….(who just so happened to have served his mission Mandarin speaking!!) and had an amzing lesson on prayer!!   She said a prayer for the first time!!

This week I am having my holter moniter test! we’re planning on doing lots of things that might potentially trigger my heart spaz thing- talking to people, walking…wait theres no set thing that triggers it. Oh well, hopefully it happens so i can prove I’m not crazy!!

Yesterday for Relief Society we had this amazing lesson on was like the best relief society i have ever been to. If only every Sunday was like that hahaha. But I have been thinking really hard about conversion lately and this is what I came to:

Whether or not we grew up in the church, we all have a ‘turning point’ in our spiritual lives. You can’t have true conversion without a breath taking, life stopping spiritual experience. But it’s where you go from that, that determines your conversion. Because we have moments where we feel the spirit strongly throughout our lives. But it’s what you do in between those moments that determines if you’re enduring to the end, or converted. Conversion is perseverance in times when you feel disconnected to God.  Conversion is knowing all the way through yourself that we are eternal and that life is just…short. Conversion is when you align your will with God’s and change your desires. Because you change what you want to what you need and then that becomes all you want. It’s a life time of a mixture of spiritual lows and highs and trials and victories and learning to relying on God as an actual being who WILL help you and coming to be like CHRIST.

Anyway, times out!!!!

Sister McKee


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