This Week

What a week!! We spent so much time in the car this week but still managed to have 12 lessons, 5 people on date for baptism, met with 4 new friends, do 2 exchanges, eat fish and chips in the cutest place ever AND skyped for mothers day.

Things that happened this week:

  1. Exchanges with my old companion!! Sister Jenson and I worked in the Coquitlam/Port Moody area!! She is doing AMAZING!!!! The gospel changes you for the better!!! We got to visit some nice members who live in awesome places…it’s a really pretty place AND we saw a coyote on our way back. Sister Jenson also found out that her recent convert Karen, who she’s really close with IS NOW ENGAGED to a life long church member which is cool because they’re both was pretty big news haha.
  1. Skyped with family. Aka just my mum. Now we can see who really cares about me hahahaha. It was funny to see my companions reaction to her accent.
  1. Spoke in church- and it wasn’t too awful!!!! It was good because I was given the talk “stay by the tree” it’s awesome because we’d already studied it as a mission. Then a brother and sister in the YSA did this AMAZING rendition of be still, my soul. AMAZING!!!
  1. Drove 149km’s in one day. no comment.
  1. Taught 4 lessons in a day!! Miracle!!!
  1. Had a dinner appointment. had an actual dinner appointment!!! First one in 6 weeks!!!! Go YSA!!!! hahaha and we ate at the Spanish ward’s mother’s day dinner…..most amazing food ever. steak and pico de gallo.
  1. Ate fish and chips with all the Spanish sisters in Steveston….the tv show once upon a time is filmed there…anyway it’s so cute!!

anyway, go to do some missionary stuff now!! we are hoping to go to Granville Island today!!!

Image result for granville island vancouver

Image result for granville island vancouver

12 May 2015 - Sis Jensen

Reunited with Sister Jenson

12 May 2015

The clouds were literally ON FIRE.

12 May 2015 - sleep over!

Last night…we stayed with the richmond sisters and two sisters who are on their way home!!! too much fun


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