This week was awesome!!  We had transfers…we didn’t get transferred but as Sister Training Leaders we got to transfer the other sisters…basically a whole day in the car hahaha with luggage etc…but the cool thing is I GOT TO SEE SISTER LOFTHOUSE!! She stayed with us for a bit because she had to pick up her trainee before going back to Vanderhoof.
Even with so much of the week taken up by transfers we managed to teach……15 lessons!!! The most I’ve ever taught in a week!!! miracles!!! But it’s also my companions last transfer and she will be going home to Bountiful in under 6 weeks!!!

But this week….so many awesome things happened.
1. We got to teach T—— and O——-. T is from California and comes up to visit her boyfriend, O sometimes. He’s super open and has come to church twice now. Plus T— always has food for us!!
2. Our Korean friend N—- is doing super well and set to be baptized this Sunday!! We are excited. She just has a lame job with night shifts that makes it hard to come to church sometimes. Pray for her!!!
3.  Sister Lofthouse!! We went on splits  and we got to ride the Skytrain together and teach together and all that crazy missionary stuff. Too much fun. Her new trainee is from California and looks Polynesian but is Hispanic hahahaha. She’s really nice!! Sister Tennison.
4. Taught this kid who we found out was probably like 16 and was high at the time. Whoops.
5. We got a text from a random person we`d met on the street who we gave our number too and he text us wanting to meet!! He`s chinese but from Mexico…craziest mix ever!!  When we taught him we found out his English was no bueno hahaha but now the Spanish elders are teaching him and he`s doing awesome!!!! We set a baptismal date with him too!
6. It was a YSA conference this weekend so we had 2 hour church over in Langley by the temple. It was really fun, there was breakfast and lunch and a baptism after, and our friend  T—- from Brazil got to come!! He is awesome, will probably be baptized…if not here then in Brazil, he goes back in a few weeks 😦
7. Transfers. Basically we get a list of all the missionaries transferring (everyone in our stewardship hahaha) and then have to figure how to get people the places they need to go, the airport, ferry, new area etc…and also all their luggage!! Mission tip no. 1 – don’t keep too much stuff. Transfers aren`t fun when you decide to bring all your blankets and bring the food and the kitchen sink??? Our car is tiny too so multiple trips had to be made BUT it was a really fun day to hang out with all the sisters!!!
We are excited for the week to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry no photos this week i forgot my camera.
Sister McKee

One thought on “T-t-t-t-t-ttrannnsssferrrrss

  1. You forgot to mention that you also got to write a recent convert named T while you were in the car and that someone stuck it in my err. her door and then ran, and then i saw it and i read it, and i screamed and then i cried and then i ran outside while my foot got caught in a cord and almost fell because i was sooo happpppy that you are here back in the lower mainland! The recent convert T is me…I’m going to talk to the Bishop about starting temple prep…July 12th! oOh Elder “Cody” Atwood is now back home in Utah! But he will be returning in June with his mom and family!!!!
    Bearbear passed away…..i had to get him put to sleep…he was very sick, and he was suffering…it was hard but it was for the best. I now have 3 new baby boys. Bruno, he is a 6 month old Teddy Bear all white hamster the size of a kitten. And Booboo & Babu the 2nd, they are 3 month old brothers. They are russian dwarf hamsters. So they have gotten so big to me since i had them since they were like 8 weeks old. But they do stay small. I will post a picture. I was going to write a email to you, but i did it here, it’s ok nothing to hide! Umm what else….Sister Lofthouse is in Vanderhoof! I miss her. Sister Zundel and Collier are in Surrey 3rd…and she is awesome. She is from Hawaii and knows Dog the Bounty hunter and Liland!!!!
    I asked are people from Hawaii considered Hawaiian or American?
    The Donigals had a baby boy named Joseph. The Poticures? Had a baby boy also. Sister Alyson Gordon Smith is pregnant with a baby girl!! Um…Sister Aubrey Calvert is more then half way done her mission in Indiana..that was fast. Gus is on his mission, he went to Argentina, which is so funny because he is from Brazil and loves soccer and the 2 countries hate each other lol i don’t know if you were here still ? I gotta go to bed i will send pictures tomorrow and i might just cut this message and paste it to your email. What is sister Lofthouses email please. Love u miss u.

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