Esta semana

Remember how last week I wrote about how crazy it was to be able to teach 15 lessons??? Well, this week was even CRAZIER….we taught 18 lessons!!!!!! Miracles have not ceased and the work is hastening!!
We got a surprise phone call on Friday from the Assistants…aka ‘top dogs’ ha…but anyway they just found out that there were 32 YSA from a stake that wanted to do mini missions and needed places to go THIS weekend!!!!!! So we had two of them with us… it was the biggest adventure to get back down to my hometown of Surrey (yay!!)…We had to take the Vancouver family ward sisters with us and we wouldn’t have space to fit everyone in our Chevy trax so we got to take….THE RED ASSISTANTS VAN. THAT”S RIGHT!!! Basically this van is sacred ground. It’s untouchable. It’s not just any red dodge van. It’s every missionaries dream to ride in that van…and Sister Rogers got to actually drive it.  I can’t believe I just wrote a whole paragraph about a Van…. So anyway, on our way to get the van we were stuck in traffic for OVER AN HOUR trying to leave Vancouver to get to Richmond…ridiculous! but we finally got everything sorted and got down to Surrey and were able to have the privilege of sharing our weekend with Sister Bell from Delta and Sister Ramos from PoCo. We saw so many miracles that weekend!!!! They were able to pray with people on the streets, place Book of Mormons and just be awesome. Also in the photo is Sister Taylor from Surrey 3rd!! She’s doing awesome and is now super good at rugby too. Yay!!
N—- hasn’t been baptized YET!!! She has a huge fear of water but she is overcoming it and building her faith which is good because she’s so ready!!!! She was able to get a blessing on Sunday after church and really felt peace. Pray for this SUNDAY!!!!!  Along with our old friend T— from Brazil whom the elders have been teaching..he’s getting baptized too!!!
Earlier this week Sister Rogers talked to this kid from Japan who wasn’t really too interested but he agreed to meet.   Then we walked away a little bit and he comes back up all excited because he realized we are Mormon missionaries and he had been meeting with the missionaries in Japan!! He’s been here around 3 months – we got to meet with him and set a baptism date!!! SO SOLID!!! He even still emails the missionaries that were teaching him in Japan and is going to visit one of them in California soon…hopefully he will be baptized before then!!
Anyway, I love the place I’m serving in and the miracles we see every week. Being a missionary is hard but it’s also the best thing ever and I am so happy to be part of it!!!! write me letters!!! and send me food!! hahahaha every missionary’s temporal desires…
-Sister McKee

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