Missionary Life

What a week!!

This week we got to see our friend from Brazil, Tomas, get baptized!! It was so awesome. Most chill guy ever. Never would’ve guessed when I talked to him on the street that we’d get to teach him, pass him on to the elders, and see him get baptized in a month!!! Such a good kid!!! In our mission we are only allowed to teach single females and vice versa with the elders which is hard when you find someone as prepared and open and Tomas BUT that’s ok. The elders in the picture are the elders in our YSA branch at church, Elder Stone(Utah??? probably hahaha) and Elder Maurer (New Zealand).

Tomas' Baptism

Tomas’ Baptism

Today on P-Day we climbed Grouse Mountain!! It’s a hike called the Grouse Grind because it is literally stairs upon stairs upon stairs. I was dying after 10 minutes haha!! But we made it to the top in 1 hour 20 minutes which is awesome. It’s only 2.9 km but you climb 2800 ft in that time. Yeah, it was ridiculous but SO awesome when we got to the top!! In this picture you can see stanley park in the centre, with a little downtown vancouver beside it and north vancouver below. You aren’t even allowed to climb down it, you have to take a $10 gondola ride down haha.
Grouse Mountain Gondola

Grouse Mountain Gondola

also there were a bunch of wood carvings

Me summoning my eagle powers nacho style

Me summoning my eagle powers nacho style

The Grouse Grind

The Grouse Grind

3 June 2015 - Grouse mountain (2)

There are bears at the top!

But apart from that we got to teach some really awesome people this week…less lessons but whatever. On a sad note, our Korean friend who was supposed to be baptized on Sunday has stopped contacting us. No idea why. No explanation, she isn’t responding to anyone!! So we keep on working and looking for more people who want to be baptized.

Friday we had mission leadership council which was awesome. The talk we studied this time was one called “We are all enlisted”  We talked a lot about worthiness, opposition and all that jazz. So this week is Zone Meeting week and we are excited to spend a couple of days at our zone meeting, training and sharing the spirit we felt with the rest of the mission!!!

Anyway, can’t remember what else to say??? I went on a couple of exchanges this week and spent 3 days out of my area hahah!  It was fun to go on a SPANISH exchange (yes!! i spoke in spanish!! I prayed in spanish!! I sang hymns in spanish!!!) and also with a cool sister called Sister Ealy in Port Moody.

Sister McKee




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