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This week was a blur.  I am now officially old!! Probably can’t get in as a child at the movies anymore. Lame!! It’s so gross being 20 years old. Mainly because I hate the number 2. I really dislike that number. Anyway let’s get down to the nitty gritty….
It was Zone Meetings week!! The day we have zone meetings has been changed to Friday, which was in a weird transition phase, so we had Burnaby zone on Wednesday, and Vancouver Zone on Friday!! The Burnaby one was awesome!! The elders and sisters have such good insight. We did a training on ‘change’ which Sister Burt talked about at mission council. And of course…in true Rogers/McKee style, we did something a little risky..that’s never been done before…a science demonstration!!! hahaha. We used vinegar and baking soda.  The vinegar represented ‘desire’ and the baking soda represented ‘knowledge’. In order to change you need both of these. But you can’t just have both and let them sit beside each other, they need to interact. We pretended to act dumb like we had no idea how to make the experiment work, and so one of the assistants that was there got up and hesitantly poured it together….so reaction!!  We talked about how action was the way to get the change you wanted aka ‘repentance’. It was hilarious because we fooled the zone!! They literally thought that something might happen with the vinegar and baking soda just sitting beside each other, hahaha.
The Vancouver zone meeting was on my birthday 🙂  🙂 it was good. Different of course. There are a couple of things we’re trying to iron out in that zone still, but it was still fun. This time we gave training together for accounting on how our areas are doing aka looking at the zones results. Then to be an example of unity in the zone I trained with one of the zone leaders on change, using enos and the baking soda thing again!! First time for everything! It actually went surprisingly well and (missionary joke) I didn’t say “i testify what my companion said is true”, which was awesome, because I didn’t make an accidental fool of myself.
Other than that, on my birthday we ate dinner with the Spanish hermanas (sisters) at the Old Spaghetti Factory and we took our ice cream to go.  On the way back I stopped and petted the homeless cat mans kitty and gave him ice cream, because why not! and also taught a lesson about the tree of life.
Anyway, we have two people on date for baptism at the end of the month!! it’s really exciting because they both really love what they’re learning and we can see them changing to fit the gospel into who they are!!! Pray for them and I will keep you posted!!!
The photo is of me and my spirit animal, Minji. she’s so funny. Literally the most hilarious person on earth. She’s from Korea and she served a mission in upstate New York but she’s so silly!
Minji and Me - 9 June 2015

Minji and Me

Sister McKee

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