My second to last email ever!!

Not!! but it is my companions!!! Sister Rogers will be flying back home next week, she’s finished her mission!! 18.5 months!! So crazy…which means next week I’m guaranteed a new companion!! NO idea who it will be though…..hopefully will know by next time I email.

Last P-Day we went to the aquarium!! A church member could get us in for free and it was so much fun!! I took a ton of pictures because the sea otters are really cute and there were belugas and apparently a sloth though we couldn’t see it.
This week we were able to teach a ton again!! 17 lessons!! We’re aiming for 30 in Sister Rogers last week here!!!! Pray for it!!!
I love being part of the YSA branch here!! Everyone is really nice…even if they don’t feed us haha. They are all so amazing!! And they really befriend the people we bring with us to church and activities which is awesome.
H— is doing super awesome!! She had a couple of concerns come up but still looking AMAZING for baptism in two weeks!! We are excited but sad because Sister Rogers won’t be here. H— even came to church yesterday and stayed for a baptism after!
We also met with A—- a few times and she came to church!! She is basically amazing and accomplished. Early childhood teacher turned into personal trainer/lululemon model. Her family on her dad’s side are all members and she just decided it was time for her to explore what it’s all about because she can see the difference in them.
I haven’t had one of these for a while but here’s psycho story for you:
We were having a lesson with this crazy girl who just comes to church for the social stuff at the church (trying to explain to her about appropriate church behaviour aka not trying to kiss the female YSA) and an Indian woman comes in and sits herself down and starts going on about black magic and some guy who took $6000 from her and then gave it back but is trying to kill her. Mumble jumble stuff, and then she asks us to pray for her so we’re like…ok fine if it helps you and whatever to make you leave so I pray for her and while I’m praying she’s mumbling something about Jesus is lord… mumbo jumbo… and then we finish and she looks expectantly and is like, ok now the rest of you pray for me and we’re like, well when we say amen its all of us praying for you! and she just wouldn’t accept it, she wants one more prayer so Sister Rogers starts praying and the woman basically starts wailing and talking during her prayer, literally we’re thinking someone needs to ‘casteth out the demon’ but after that prayer she gets up and leaves. End of story.
Other than that I can’t think of much else that happened this week!! The Vancouver Spanish sisters had a miracle baptism this week, a little old deaf Filipino lady…talk about heavenly father has a plan, because one of the sisters speaks ASL and if she wasn’t called to this mission and wasn’t at the right place at the right time, there would’ve have been a chance of her getting baptized!!!
anyway, hope everyone has a good week!!
Sister Rogers1 - 15 June 2015Sister Rogers - 16 June 2015Aquarium Visit2 - 15 June 2015Aquarium Visit - 15 June 2015

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