Transfer Newssss

Sister Rogers is opening a new area in Bountiful, Utah (hahahahahahhahahaha missionary jokes) and I am training a sister to be a Sister Training Leader.  Her name is Sister Schroeder and I really don’t know anything else about her!!! So it’s exciting!!  I am happy to be staying in Van YSA another transfer…literally the best place ever!!!!! The exciting thing is that we are also getting Chinese YSA sisters too!! They will rock it, so many Chinese YSA here. The elders are getting white washed so i will be a New Zealand minority again but an assistant is coming in to be a zone leader and another elder too.

I am currently emailing on President Burt’s computer in the assistants office as Sister Rogers has her exit interview!!! So crazy!!! so many intimidating things in one sentence.
This week we were aiming to get 30 MPL for Sister Rogers last week….we didn’t quite make 20 haha but we had a stellar week and we LOVE our investigators. For some reason they are all facing a ton of opposition at the moment but we will work through it with the as much as we can!! I want to see baptisms in this area so bad. I want to give something to the branch!!! I love it here a ton. There’s always so much to be happy about.
I also got a bunch of cute pictures from my old ward mission leaders wife from Surrey 3rd!!! Hopefully they will read this. Sister McGonigal had her baby and like they prophesied it was a boy!! I love them a ton.
I am trying to think about what to write this week but I honestly am not sure what even happened…..ahhh. I went on a spanish sisters exchange again!! They are so awesome..but sadly my Spanish is awful. So bad. Indescribably awful. But it doesn’t stop me from trying!! Yesterday I talked to this woman from Spain who is trying to find work here and so I prayed with her even though she had something happen and doesn’t really believe in God…and then I was still stuck in Spanish mode and went up to whoever Sister Rogers was talking to and said “Hola!!!” but it was ok because the kid was from Guatemala haha.
This week we
  • got stuck in bad traffic
  • ahhh i literally can’t even remember
  • Tomas who just got baptized flew back to brazil 😦 but he literally lives 3 minutes from the chapel and 5 miutes from a temple so he’ll be fine!!!
Well that’s about all I can think of!! Sorry hahaha but if you were here you’d understand………….we do so much stuff all the time!!! Things get crazy busy!! But we love it!!!
Granville Island for Sis. Rogers last p-day with all the sisters in Van/Burnaby zones
Saying goodbye to Sister Rogers

Saying goodbye to Sister Rogers

The Spanish Hermana’s!!!!
With the Spanish speaking sisters

With the Spanish speaking sisters


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