Missions are the best!!!!!

Well, we have had an awesome week!! I definitely had to push myself a lot, as gearing up for transfer day I was a solo Sister Training Leader!!! It was sad to see Sister Rogers go but it’s been good to have Sister Schroeder with a fresh outlook on the mission. They are also polar opposites, haha!!

Monday night was Sis Rogers last night and we had another home-bound missionary staying with us, Sister Merritt!  We went to FHE and had an amazing lesson with H—….still not baptised gahhhh!  but she still has a burning desire for it! And the lessons was amazing!!!  Heavenly Father basically gave her a spiritual push off a cliff to get her to just keep the commandments and so she’s doing good!! Its hard when your investigators have to spend some time in Europe filming a movie and then go work on a Bollywood movie…hahahahahhahaha. Welcome to Vancouver! But it was an amazing way for Sister Rogers to finish her mission. The YSA had taken some photos of us together and turned them into engagement announcements as an funny goodbye gift, it was awesome.
Tuesday we dropped the sisters off for their departing temple trip and I spent the day with the Richmond English Sisters!! it was good to spend time with them and we had fun!!! But then the pressure was on as I had to deal with the travel plans…so the assistants send out the info, where everyone is getting transferred etc and if needed flight/ferry times, and then the zone leaders and sister training leaders have to work it all out…and this time I had to do it alone!! It was madness! haha also because I’m only on an N licence and I wouldn’t be able to drive the missionaries to their destinations until my companion arrives at 11:30 that day!! But all the sisters I had to organise were super helpful and everything worked out fine….We even had time for lunch!! Back and forth from Richmond to Burnaby and then back then to Vancouver then to Twassassen  (i can’t spell!!) then to Richmond then finally back to Vancouver. 160km’s later haha. But it’s an adventure and I love it.
So now I have my new companion!! Her name is Sister Schroeder and she’s is pretty much faultless. Like, I don’t think she’s ever done anything wrong in her life!!! She’s from Draper, UT and loves soccer and mountains. I think soccer and mountains are a American Mormon girl thing because all my companions have liked both those things haha. She’s an amazing teacher and works really hard to be diligent and exactly obedient!! Plus she’s humble. We have had so much fun!!
New companion - Sis Schroeder 30 Jun 2015

Sister Schroeder and I

Wednesday night we had a lesson which turned out pretty good and then correlation with all the new missionaries in the branch. 5 new missionaries, just me as the original. There is a different feel which is awesome!!!
Thursday was another great day!! We got to see H— and met up for the first time with the girl called F———….who is basically amazing and is going to be baptised in July. She feels everything in her life that has happened has prepared her to come to this church. It’s pretty much amazing to teach her because she just understands the gospel so well, considering she didn’t grow up in it. She feels the Spirit a lot.
Friday….was a bit of a mess haha. I’m calling it a ‘Sister Training Leader Day’ because we basically just did apartment inspections and talked to people on the streets. All our lessons fell through which is pretty rare…I’m hoping that’s not going to be the challenge of this transfer because all weekend people didn’t show up for their lessons. We had about 7 first lessons planned and confirmed and they still didn’t show up. Just say no, people!
Saturday we did social media splits again and it was fun to spend time with our members and get them involved in the work. So search #realBCmormons and send me the photos you find of us!!! We got to find, teach, and ATTEND a baptism with F—–…who of course bawled her eyes out because of the Spirit. and then we ate really good Filipino food.
Sunday by some miracle 3 people came to church!!!  It was a good Sunday!!
Probably my longest email in 6 months!!!
Have a great week!!
Sister McKee

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