Vancouver is on fire!!!!

But literally!!! There is so much smoke EVERYWHERE!! Literal ash in the air. There are forest fires all over B.C and the smoke came rolling down into the lower mainland. It’s thick heavy smoke but also there’s a little relief from the heat. It’s been so ridiculously hot!!! Our apartment is so bad too, I’ve been trying to create A.C with our big fan and ice packs. Not really sure it works but logically it should?? Haha
This week was honestly a little rougher than I’ve ever had. I never been yelled at or personally attacked as much as this week!! On the skytrain this old guy took pictures of us and told us we couldn’t be on the train and that we couldn’t say hello to people, only there was a lot more yelling and swearing and name calling in there that I won’t bother writing down. The lack of humanity lately is a little…well…disgusting. Everyone on the train just sat there an watched in disbelief. No one spoke up. After we got off, a man apologised on behalf of him and was pretty nice but still. It’s been the weirdest experience to be a faceless symbol of my beliefs. There’s not a good enough reason in this world to be bitter and twisted, no matter who you are or where you’re from.
H— is doing awesome!!! She is set to be baptized in 2 weeks!!! Yesterday we sat down and read Alma 7 with her because she’s been struggling with reading and she got an answer to a prayer which helped her dispel the doubts she was having and now she’s really excited and feels ready to be baptized!!! It’s a miracle!!! Hahaha
The Chinese sisters just moved in downstairs in our building so that’s going to be really fun!!!! They’re awesome and have a lot of spunk haha. And they’re tearing it up here!! Chinese work is basically the ‘promised land’. It’s so exciting that they’ve been able to reach out to so many Chinese less active church members and investigators!!!
This week was Canada Day and it was crazy!! So many people everywhere!!!! The YSA had a beach party and we had some friends go which was awesome!!! We didn’t go..obviously. Beach. But we had dairy queen with the Chi sisters!!!
We also had Zone Conference this week!!! It was all about consecration and sacrifice…and it was so good!!! Definitely a good boost. I had to conduct the hymns but I think I’m officially declaring I have laryngitis because I couldn’t sing a single note that day and had to mouth everything hahahahahahahhaha. But something that I was thinking about during the conference was how often, when we make the right choice, we are sacrificing our natural desires and wants…but when we make the wrong choice we are sacrificing the Saviour. Driving the nail in. When it comes down to it, for me being consecrated is a lot about where your focus is. If your focus is 100% on the work, there’s nothing you could do wrong!!
But I only have a minute left!!!
8July 2015


Forest fires - 8July 2015

Smoke from forest fires


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