A Baptism?!??!?!?!?!??!?!

Guess what!!! H— had her baptism interview and now she’s basically set for next Sunday!!! We are so excited!!! There’s one little concern we have but hopefully it will be ironed out soon…daily scripture reading is a tough one for her.
Well, I made it to the end of another week!! Being in this area things are so unpredictable. I love it here but it humbles you in so many different ways. For instance, on Saturday we had an amazing 8 lessons confirmed to go ahead, and during the day we gained two, but then 8/10 fell through. So we spent a lot of time talking with people on the streets. It knocks the stuffing out of me. The cool thing is that every place we went we found someone who wanted to learn more!!
Last night we got to visit this cool member who lives in a beautiful area!! She cooked us dinner too 🙂 It’s been so good to visit members more, it really is the best!! make sure you have the missionaries over!!! They really appreciate it!!
I got to go on exchanges with Sister Ealy from Port Moody and Sister Shahamati this week!! They are both awesome. Sister Ealy and I stayed in Vancouver and we got to find and teach and have fun!! We taught these Catholic missionaries so that was cool. The Spirit was definitely there and contention was driven away!!

I was in Richmond with Sister Shahamati and we literally talked with people all day!! It was awesome!! We went to this mall to talk with people and it was an Asian mall, they had all these robotic ice age animals haha. Asian malls are officially the best. So much random stuff!! And I have never used my one Chinese phrase more than that day… wo shur chuan jao shur. i am a  missionary?? hahahaha
Chinese Mall - 13 Jul 2015
One cool things that happened this week- on Saturday night after our day of talking with people…we were still talking with people but then we met this Chinese kid and invited him to church…he wasn’t really sure about it but then he shows up on Sunday with a friend!!! Super cool!!!

Today we think we’re going to go to Stanley Park!! Yay!! or Steveston again!
Sister McKee
13  July 2015

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