MLC, Musical fireside and an art exhibition!!

I love my area so much!! I honestly think this branch is the best place to serve in the’s so awesome!! The members are the best. It is sad because a couple of them are leaving and going back to Australia and South Korea, but different people move in all the time!!
This week was great!! On Tuesday we went on exchanges with the Vancouver family ward sisters, it is so exhausting yet fun to be on transit all day! The sisters there work so hard and it’s awesome, they see so many miracles in their area. Sister Cobb, who I was with, is super healthy and into yoga and stuff so I ate vegetables!! haha yay
Wednesday we were on exchanges with the Port Moody sisters..those sisters have literally resurrected their area!! It’s doing super well now, they have almost reached our mission ‘standards of excellence’!! They have a cute Thai lady who is preparing for baptism next month, so exciting!!!
Thursday we talked to people all morning, then we planned for our week…then we went and got the Prince George sisters from the airport because Friday was ML (Mission Leadership Council)!! Sister Bramford and Sister Ritchie. They are both super awesome. Then we taught a bunch of lessons that night!! Super exciting!!! but some of our sisters on transit were stuck at 10pm because the skytrain was broken so we had to go and pick them up and drive them home…outside of curfew!! hahaha always feel like a such a rebel when that happens.
Friday was MLC and it was all about conquering pride and making sure all the missionaries in our stewardship don’t just aspire to leadership and that they feel our love. it was super good!!! Based around a talk called Pride and the Priesthood, give it a read!! I love mission leadership council. Literally the Spirit is so strong there. And now it’s our job to take the message to our Zone meetings and recreate it for the mission!! It’s the best!! For some reason they scheduled both our zones at the same time so we only get to do one..part of being humbled??? hahaha. I feel like my pride and joy was taken away, I love training!!! Oh well
Saturday we talked to people, cooked curry (it was amazing) and spent some time with the Richmond sisters finding people to teach!! They are both finishing off their missions this week and heading back to India and Toronto! Then Saturday night the YSA had an art exhibition, they are all super talented. And there was good food. and some of our friends came. Super awesome.
Sunday is was raining! It actually rained and now all the grass is slightly less yellow!! haha. We talked to people in the morning, then church was good, then the talked to people, then we had a missionary musical fireside!! The Spanish ward from Surrey sang ‘Come Thou Fount’ in Spanish – it was literally amazing!! There was opera and stuff too. It was good. The missionaries sang ‘My Heavenly Father Loves  Me’. Plain and simple!!
Super excited for this coming week…and ahhh transfer news next week!!!
27 July 2015 - it rained

Morning run, this is our view

Beautiful Queen Elizabeth Park

Beautiful Queen Elizabeth Park

This is Sensi who is going to be baptised.

This is Sensi who is going to be baptised.

love Sister McKee!



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