I can never really think of what to write any more!!! 

4 Aug 2015b
1: Transfers!! today is supposed to be P-Day but it’s been pre-transfer day for us haha. We had two sisters staying with us from Sunday night who are going home tomorrow so we’ve been busying taking them around to their interviews and things like that, but it’s been fun!! Tonight in between lessons we are picking up sisters from the airport and the ferry…everything is so hectic!!! It is a huge transfer, there are a lot of people moving..including Sister Schroeder!! She is going to Abbotsford YSA and Sister Ditto is coming in. I think she’s from Hawaii. I am excited!!
2.there’s no time!! Minji my favourite person is leaving 😦
3. Pray for us to find people to teach!!! It’s been really hard lately.
4. I love my area!!
5. I love my mission!!
6. We did zone meeting last week, it was ok. not as good as others but because we were talking about pride it was a lot more…serious haha
Anyway. Everything is good!!!!!
Sister McKee

4 Aug 2015

Out and about

4 Aug 2015a

Vancouver Zone Meeting

4 Aug 2015c

YSA Vancouver


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