Changes and a new companion!

I have my new companion!! Her name is Sister Ditto and she’s awesome! She’s super chill and willing to learn and adapt so things have been easier!! The work is going well too!! Anyway, here’s a photo…and Sister Rogers aka Kira was up in B.C this week so I got to see her!!! It was awesome!! I have never had so much fun on my mission as I did that transfer…so many laughs haha!!
This week we literally spent over 12 hours in the car over 4 days. It was ridiculous but fun!! Transfers were huge and lots of sisters needed taking places and so we took them! But we also found time to teach 13 lessons so that was good!!
Also, a church investigator gave me a palm reading ahaha!! Maybe she’s crazy, maybe she’s not…anyway, my hopes and dreams were confirmed!! My husband will be really rich!! And then I can do all the different careers I am going to have! But apparently I need to eat more…hahah. and I will only have 2 kids. And I stress too much haha. Sister Ditto will marry a millionaire, have 6 kids with 2 sets of twins and all that haha. so funny. We were just dying!!!
Anyway pray for us to have a fun filled miracle week!!!
Sister McKee
My new companion - Sister Ditto

My new companion – Sister Ditto

A visit from Kira now she has finished her mission! -10 August 2015

A visit from Kira


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