Weekly Update

This week was so so so busy!! Lot’s of big missionary things… I will just run through it day by day
Monday- P-Day. We had Sensi and a guy who was just baptized called Shashank (like Shawshank But his last name isn’t redemption haha) take us out for dinner!! It was pretty good. Our autistic friend Nicole came to Family Home evening, which is pretty big considered it’s a big social setting, and she did so well!!
Tuesday- OK a total bundle of nerves and stress….but first we went out with some sisters whose area is struggling a bit and worked with them. Sometimes they just need some encouragement and a helping hand! But the reason we were so nervous was because that night we went down to the mission home…yes, the place you visit like, never, until you go home! The head of the church’s proselyting  department was there and a mission president helper man and there was a group of us who were asked to have dinner with them and then go out teaching!!  We were the only sisters asked…feel the pressure!!! Thankfully….we split up haha but we got to have dinner with our sweet mission mom Sister Burt, and she also came teaching with us! We taught Nicole and a church member who’s a little less active. It was awesome, because the less active lady thought of a friend she could invite to church and her friend said she’d come in 2 weeks!! So exciting! Then Sister Burt ‘nightly planned’ with us…it was so good just to have someone to talk to and answer questions and encourage you rather than always being the one who does that for others haha.
Wednesday- We received a referral from mormon.org from this guy Hirofumi…turns out it’s a Japanese guy we taught a few months back that Sister Rogers found on the street…we was taught in Japan, we think his friend referred him online!! Super cool. That night we  picked up the Prince George sisters from the airport, Sister Bramford and Sister Travers!! So good to see Sister Bramford again! We had a miracle when some Elders called us asking us to come meet this girl they just set a date with, and she’s awesome!! She came to church on Sunday, now we’re teaching her and she’s doing super good!! She’s so funny, her name is Angel.
Thursday- MLC!!! It was super good. The missionary department guy was there and boy, did he TRAIN us!! Learned so many new ways to teach and talk to people, as well as we all gave him questions to answer about proselyting stuff and for 6 hours he answered them haha!! but anyway, I love MLC..it’s really motivating and helps me to improve a ton.
Friday- Normal day, weekly planned kinda in the new way we’ve been trained, it was so much easier!! Had a lessons, that was good.
Saturday- the day started off with a meeting with Elder Johnson of the 70, alongside our ward councils we were able to learn more of how we’re supposed to work together and how as church members they can help us…literally just talk to people!! haha. Then we had a few lessons and everything just worked out, it was great.
Sunday- Church!! And It was good!! We had a few of our friends come so we were happy!! We have 3 people who are looking super solid for baptism. but side note, I love the branch I’m in so much. Have I ever said that before?? Maybe a million times but oh well. They are so good!!  Also Sensi was in New York and walked over an hour to go to church there…dedicated for baptism!! 🙂
Today a branch member is going to cut my hair and then we’re going for dosa’s before P-day ends!
Email me!! I will always reply!!
-Sister McKee
With our Mission Mum Sister Burt

With our Mission Mum Sister Burt

Vancouver East!

Vancouver East!



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