Baptisms and visits

We had a pretty good week!! And get this…this coming Saturday we are having a double baptism!! It’s so exciting!!
I got to go on exchanges with the Surrey Spanish sisters this week!! So I went back to Surrey with Sister Wilson! We had an exchange full of milagros- miracles!! I arrived in the area and we sat down and looked at the schedule for the day,and  we had some drop by’s planned…we talked a little bit about Spanish people I remembered from the area and we started talking about this Spanish family that I’d visited but they switched to the English ward for a couple of months…and we felt like we should visit them! So we did…and it was an answer to a prayer! President Burt had called the sisters that morning and said a prayer with them and in it had asked that Heavenly Father would help them know which members they should visit that were struggling..and it was perfect because the mother in this family was struggling. She had been offended  on Sunday but we were able to share the gospel with her and it softened her heart…then she gave us the info for two family members she said we could try share the gospel with!! So later that night we went to contact them and the address wasn’t 100% correct but we looked at the map and felt the Spirit guide us where to go..we arrive at a cul-de-sac and all the info we had for the house was that there was a black truck and a beware of dog sign..and we found it!!! Also we got to visit this Colombian family and we ate Colombian tamales and pan y chocolate!! yum! But I’m so sad…my Spanish speaking skills are non-existent. I am mute now!! Haha, it’s so frustrating!!
Thursday we got to help a member clean out her pantry and move furniture! That was fun, I love doing service. We don’t get to do it very often in YSA.
Friday we had back to back zone meetings!! I love doing zone meetings!! The first one was the Burnaby Zone, it was super good. I talked about finding them that will recieve you- aka not harassing people and looking and talking to those people who are prepared to hear the gospel and wanting to listen! It was super fun. I love training! There was tons of good discussion too, and lots of interactive things like role plays.
Vancouver zone’s was good too, different of course, but still good! I led the discussion on the talk and there were some super good insights shared. The Zone Leaders did a lot of the training. We had a lot of laughs at that meeting.
Also went on exchanges with the Vancouver South Spanish Sisters! They’re a tri covering spanish and English work. I was with Sister Lewis and Sister Cendreda and it was really fun! We get to teach a couple of good lessons and help out the Spanish branch for a bit. It was good!!
Saturday there was a HUGE 500,000 people without power. We were fine though!! 🙂
Yesterday we had a ton of miracles with church!!! a ton!!
1. T—. We’ve been in contact with this girl that Sister Rogers actually met on the bus on our way back from UBC- it’s a long bus ride. Anyway, she taught her the plan of salvation and she gave her number saying she was interested but she’s been really busy since…but then yesterday we finally got to see her again as she came to church!! So cool!!
2. Went out downtown talking to people on the streets before church and met this guy who met the elders 5 months ago when he first arrived from brazil but he didn’t speak much english..anyway we invited him to church and 2 hours later when we get there i turn around as we wait for class and there he was!!
3. We have this slightly..well..different non member girl who always comes to church because she loves it but flatly refuses to live by any of the standards or get baptized..anyway she brought a friend who’s completely normal and not only that, has a desire to keep coming to church and meet with the missionaries!! He’s super cool, we’ll pass him over to the elders to teach but for sure a baptism!!
4. Last sunday night I met this Japanese girl on the bus and had a really good conversation with her..we’ve been texting her throughout the week and she keeps saying “my friend is interested!” but we haven’t been able to meet up with them…anyway we get out of branch council and head to the first class in church and there’s this japanese girl looking around the church- it’s the friend we kept hearing about, she came to church without us even saying anything!! What a miracle! She’s so sweet, japanese people are the cutest
anyway, enough from me…gotta do missionary business.
🐈Sister McKee
Colombian Tamale! Potato, egg, rice, chicken/pork

Colombian Tamale! Potato, egg, rice, chicken/pork

Rain Storm - 1 Sept 2015

Lots of rain!

Engish Bay - 1 Sept 2015

English Bay – very beautiful


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